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Spring Elections Results 2021

Your Elected Student Officers for 2021-22

Our Spring Election is when all our members get to choose their new Student Officers. This election took place between the 22nd and 26th February.

In total 3746 of you casted 29870 votes across the 14 positions available. Please also note that all positions reached quoracy as the numbers listed on the spreadsheets do not take into account abstentions. The results are your Students Officers for 2021-22 are as follows:

Your Full-time Officers

President: Shingai Dzumbira - results breakdown

Education Officer: Isabelle Atkins - results breakdown

Democracy and Development Officer: Jacob Jefferson - results breakdown

Postgraduate Officer: Nathan Parsons - results breakdown

Societies Officer: Chih-Hsiang Lo - results breakdown

Sports Officer: Will Brewer - results breakdown

Welfare & Campaigns Officer: Charlton Sayer - results breakdown

Your Part-time Officers

Ethnic Minorities Officer: Magiesha & Fatima - results breakdown

LGBTQUA+ Officer: Noga Levy-Rapoport & Kirsten Marner-Foley - results breakdown

Trans Students' Officer: Abi Baxter - results breakdown

Women's Officer: Eman Barreh & Naomi Carter - results breakdown

Environment and Ethics Officer: Hannah Micuta - results breakdown

Widening Participation Officer: Braedie Atkins - results breakdown

Your Faculty Representatives

Faculty of Arts Execs - Faculty Representatives: Jack Sperry, Sidney Pycroft and Jake Newbury - results breakdown

Faculty of Social Science Execs - Faculty Representatives: Ananya Bagri, Shivansh Trivedi, Ollie Sanderson-Nichols and Maurizio Cuttin - results breakdown

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Execs - Faculty Representatives: Alex Fletcher and Prince Binu Joseph - results breakdown

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.