Autumn Elections Results 2021

SU Autumn Elections for 2021-22

Many thanks to all those that have voted in the Autumn Elections this year! For our Part-Time Officers, SU Committees & Associations, we have had a total of 1014 individual votes with 8033 total number of votes. For Course, Faculty and Department Reps, the Results Breakdown can be accessed by emailing These have been approved by the Returning Officer.

The elected candidates are as follows:

SU Part-Time Officers

International Students' Officer (Non-EU): Rahul Porwal (25 votes - Results Breakdown)

International Students' Officer (EU): Katarzyna Petru (30 votes - Results Breakdown)

Disabled Students' Officer: Sophie Kitching (47 votes - Results Breakdown)

Part Time and Mature Students' Officer: Re-open Nominations* (20 votes - Results Breakdown)

Environment & Ethics Officer: Jack Sperry (244 votes - Results Breakdown)

Committees and Associations

LGBTQUA+ Students Association

Community Officer - Asexual/Aromantic: Fae Parkins (106 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Women's: Charlotte Earl (67 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Undefined: Fae Parkins (95 votes - Results Breakdown)

Co-Presidents (Operations): Jake and Jack (65 votes - Results Breakdown)

Treasurer: Alex Walter (123 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Lesbian: Rebecca Paoli (45 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Bi+: Jack Sperry (85 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Trans: Talar Gallagher (28 votes - Results Breakdown)

Community Officer - Disabled Students: Talar Gallagher (90 votes - Results Breakdown)

Social Coordinator: Zuzanna Charkowska (124 votes - Results Breakdown)

Welfare Officer: Connie Gordon (53 votes - Results Breakdown)

Welfare Officer: Talar Gallagher (44 votes - Results Breakdown)

Ethnic Minorities Students' Association

Liberation Officer - Women: Tanisha Anand (36 votes - Results Breakdown)

Environment Committee

Committee Member: Hannah Corsini (89 votes)

Committee Member: Evelin Sanderson-Nichols (88 votes)

Committee Member: Tom Garth (76 votes)

Committee Member: Caleb Heather (71.50 votes)

Committee Member: Aaryan Deshpande (54.90 votes)

Committee Member: Henry Torr (54.90 votes)

Results Breakdown

Democracy Committee

Committee Member: Sebastian Maxted (136 votes)

Committee Member: Kritin Rajpal (76 votes)

Committee Member: Nathan Stone (66 votes)

Committee Member: Harry Jee (70 votes)

Committee Member: Ethan Parmar (54 votes)

Committee Member: Felix Gilroy (53 votes)

Results Breakdown

Development Committee

Committee Member: Oscar Renton (136 votes)

Committee Member: Martha Almeida (123 votes)

Committee Member: Jonathan Bateman (67 votes)

Committee Member: Josh Rydell (66 votes)

Committee Member: Nathan Thomas (54 votes)

Committee Member: Re-open Nominations* (53 votes)

Results Breakdown

Education Committee

Committee Member: David Bush (141 votes)

Committee Member: Esme Goer (140 votes)

Committee Member: Ed Jackson (96.81 votes)

Committee Member: Tunde-Success Osideko (PGT) (30.50 votes)

Results Breakdown

Societies Committee

Committee Member: Steph Monti (54 votes)

Committee Member: Richard Gregory (47 votes)

Committee Member: Tomi Amole (47 votes)

Committee Member: Caius Liu (47 votes)

Committee Member: Nazifa Zaman (43.69 votes)

Committee Member: Luke Jackson (36.42 votes)

Committee Member: William Pollard (34.43 votes)

Committee Member: Dylan Moody (32.05 votes)

Results Breakdown

Sports Committee

Committee Member: Eve Wedderburn (58 votes)

Committee Member: Peter Banfield (45 votes)

Committee Member: Hannah Nolan (44 votes)

Committee Member: Annette Simpson (44.40 votes)

Committee Member: Gabriel Frison (43.58 votes)

Committee Member: Abi Buchanan (42.10 votes)

Committee Member: Finley Nolan (45.32 votes)

Committee Member: Marshall Taylor (36.18 votes)

Results Breakdown

Welfare Committee

Committee Member: Charlotte Earl (110 votes)

Committee Member: Kieran Mardania (65.75 votes)

Committee Member: Byron Wandera (51.45 votes)

Committee Member: Hugh Herring (49.55 votes)

Committee Member: Harry Sun (51.35 votes)

Committee Member: Re-open Nominations* (36.44 votes)

Results Breakdown

Postgraduate Committee

Committee Member: Frances Santos (40 votes)

Committee Member: Hamza Rehman (17 votes)

Committee Member: James Hart (10 votes)

Committee Member: Re-open Nominations* (9.71 votes)

Results Breakdown to be announced next week

Department Reps

Classics & Ancient History: Aine Nikookam (2 votes)

English & Comparative Literary Studies: Gaia Wales (8 votes)

School of Cross Faculty Studies (GSD & Liberal Arts): Melissa Yip (14 votes)

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Kylie Pecoraro (4 votes)

Chemistry: Oscar Pycroft (7 votes)

Engineering: Madeleine Frances Kearns (5 votes)

Life Sciences: Kana Le (2 votes)

Mathmatics: Reduan Soroar (26 votes)

Physics: Jack Patey (9 votes)

Psychology: Ruoshan Zhang (2 votes)

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG): Onyinyechukwuka Okonji (22 votes)

Warwick Medical School (WMS): Emily Garrett (16 votes)

Economics: Sana Mittar (17 votes)

Education: Jiao Xi (1 vote)

Law: Harry Sun (11 votes)

Philosophy: Nina Sodan (24 votes)

Politics & International Studies (PAIS): Rohil Vaidya (26 votes)

Warwick Business School (WBS): Zihan Huang (15 votes)

Results Breakdown can be found by emailing

Faculty Reps

Science, Engineering & Medicine (PGT): Aesha Pan (11 votes)

Social Sciences (PGT): Adam (17 votes)

Results Breakdown can be found by emailing

Course Reps

To find out who your newly elected Course Rep is, please go to the 'Your Course Reps' section on this page and select your course.

If you can't see a Course Rep for your course and are interested in becoming a Course Rep, please contact your Director of Student Experience and Progression.

Results Breakdown can be found by emailing

NUS National Conference Delegates

Elected Delegate: Shingai Dzumbira (automatic by virtue of SU Presidency)

Elected Delegate: David Bush (67 votes)

Elected Delegate: Tomi Amole (65.58 votes)

Elected Delegate: Oscar Renton (61.58 votes)

Elected Delegate: Hamza Rehman (59.01 votes)

Elected Delegate: Jack Sperry (58 votes)

Elected Delegate: Nazifa Zaman (118 votes)

Elected Delegate: Charlotte Earl (105 votes)

Elected Delegate: Martha Almeida (77.62 votes)

Results Breakdown 1

Results Breakdown 2

Mental Health Awareness Campaign Representatives

Elected Representative: Raashi Thakran (241 votes)

Elected Representative: Yuting Yang (152.87 votes)

Results Breakdown

*Please note - any re-open nominations will be decided upon by the democracy team and will be updated on our website in due course.

For the breakdown of Postgraduate Committee member results, please email

For results breakdown of Course Reps, Department & Faculty Rep, please email

If you wish to submit a complaint about relating to any of these positions or candidates please email before 12pm (noon) on Friday 29th October 2021.

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.