Facutly and Departemental Reps

Faculty and Departmental Reps

Below are your Faculty Reps who have been elected to represent you!

What are Faculty Execs?

The Academic Council has 3 subgroups, which are the Exec for each faculty. Collectively, they support the work of your Course Reps and Student Officers to ensure your academic interests are heard.

They focus on the academic experience of those in their faculty and report their activities to Academic Council. These activities include providing strategic direction for Course Reps and SSLCs within their faculty, leading on student voice mechanisms like Faculty Forums, and consulting on proposed motions and changes to the academic experience.

You can read about each of the Faculty Execs below.

  • Faculty of Arts Exec
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Exec
  • Faculty of Social Sciences Exec

These roles are typically elected in term 1 (Autumn Term) each academic year. The chair of the exec, decided by the members of the exec, also co-chairs Academic Council and is a rolling member of Student Council.