Autumn Referendum 2006

No Stance on Israel-Palestine

To hold no stance on Israel/Palestine and not to twin with any University or student body in Israel or Palestine.

This Union Notes:

1.       That the campus community represents an enormous number of nationalities, cultures, religions and social groups.

2.       That it is the Union’s responsibility to protect the welfare interests of all our members.

3.       University Regulation 31, which regulates peaceful meetings on campus.

4.       That broader conflicts around the world can create tensions on campus.

5.       That many members hold passionate opinions on wider conflicts, and are able to express these in the appropriate forums.

6.       That when a Union General Meeting in Term 2 of 2005-2006 discussed a motion on the Israel/Palestine debate, there was some intimidation of some students and Union Officers.


This Union Believes:

  1. That the Union should actively seek to encourage the myriad groups on campus to be more tolerant and accepting toward each other.

  2. That political debate, through societies and organised events, should be encouraged.

  3. That we, as a Union, should not seek to hold a collective policy on the Israel/Palestine debate, as this may alienate some cultural, national or religious groups of students.

  4. That twinning with any University or student body in Israel or Palestine would constitute a political stance on the Israel/Palestine debate.

This Union Resolves:

  1. Not to hold any policy that supports or opposes either side in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

  2. To encourage all groups on campus to form discussion forums and organise joint events aimed at facilitating political discussion in a safe and welcoming environment.

  3. Not to twin with any University or student body in Israel or Palestine.


This Union Further Resolves:

  1. That if both “No Stance on Israel/Palestine” and “Birzeit University” are passed during this referendum period, then both policies will immediately lapse.