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Green Week: Event Videos and Content Callout

Following on from our event-packed Green Week 21 - ‘The Climate Crisis is Already Here’ - back in March, the event videos are now available to watch here! You can still send us your content.

Environment & Ethics content callout. How has the climate crisis affected you? Content callout

Watch the event videos

Following on from our amazing event-packed Green Week 21 - ‘The Climate Crisis is Already Here’ - back in March, our Environment & Ethics Officers asked for your help in producing a series of short videos based around the same topic, to accompany the videos from the event. 

The event videos are now available to watch! Head over to our YouTube playlist below:

Watch videos

Send in your content

You can still send in your short videos, poems, songs, spoken words and still images to Please film any videos in landscape and send any large files via WeTransfer (or a similar application). 

We want to know how the climate crisis has already affected you and your life. We specifically would like entries from international students from the Global South. The idea is to show that although Warwick is situated in the Global North, our actions affect those in the Global South and indeed some of our students from the Global South. 

We wanted to see the ways in which students are dealing with the climate crisis. From your activism to your daily habits, what does Climate Justice look like to you? We want to know what you think the University should be doing, and what government and international organisations should be doing. 

The content will be compiled into several short videos that will be available on the SU website, YouTube channel and socials. We will also use the videos in a resource pack and the still media will be compiled into a blog.


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