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Active Bystander Intervention Course

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Help build a community that doesn't tolerate sexual misconduct or violence: Join the Active Bystander Intervention course in Term 3.

Focusing on the prevention of sexual misconduct and violence, being an Active Bystander sends a powerful signal that problematic behaviour is unacceptable in our community.

Through interactive content and discussions, the course aims to help you to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be an Active Bystander.

The programme's impact increases with the number of people who take the course – undergraduates and PGT students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The University is funding this important initiative and your attendance is supported by your department. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people too.

The course is evidence-based and Warwick students collaborated with us to ensure the content is relevant to your everyday experience.

If everyone in the community takes a stance against problematic behaviour then the behaviours become socially unacceptable and less frequent.

  • Delivered online.
  • Five sessions over five weeks.
  • Experienced facilitators who are passionate about the prevention of sexual misconduct.
  • HEAR accredited & certificate of participation.  

Make a difference and register today.


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