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Accommodation Refunds

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We have received several enquiries from students asking whether they can apply for refunds for their on-campus accommodation if they haven’t been able to come to campus for Term One.

Warwick Accommodation have full guidance for students (including their cancellation policy) available at:

Excerpts from some of the most useful sections in the Warwick Accommodation guidance are below for your reference:

If you now need to start Term One online and plan to arrive for Term Two
If you know that you are going to be attending in person from Term Two, you should contact us once your travel is booked and you have a specific arrival date. We will then support you with the accommodation options that we have available at the time.

Government Imposed Travel Restrictions
If you have accepted an offer of campus accommodation and are an international student affected by a Government-imposed travel restriction, or indeed if restrictions are in place prohibiting travel to the UK, Warwick Accommodation will hold your contracted campus room from the start of Arrivals Weekend on 26th September 2020 until 26th October 2020. You will need to ensure that your accommodation fee payments are up to date.


  • If:
    • you are affected by a Government imposed travel restriction (i.e. you are prohibited from leaving your country or entering the UK) that results in your late arrival up and including the 26th October 2020, and;
    • you have paid your accommodation fees on time to ensure your room is held
  • You can apply for a refund for the time you were unable to occupy your room as long as you do this by 26th October 2020 deadline. We can only arrange refunds if you are able to provide evidence of the Government-imposed travel restriction that resulted in your late arrival. We cannot provide refunds for any other reasons – for example, flight cancellations or flight date changes.
  • If you still can’t arrive by 26th October 2020 and the reason is a Government imposed travel restriction (i.e. you are prohibited from leaving your country or entering the UK), you can contact us in writing via email asking to be released from your contract (you must do this on or before 26th October 2020). If this happens to you and you wish to arrive later than planned, we’ll still help you find accommodation depending on availability at the time when restrictions are relaxed and you’ve got your flight booked. You’ll need to have your flight booked and provide us with your new arrival date before we can support you with available options.

In what other circumstances can I be released from campus accommodation?
We’ll give you up until 26th October 2020 to request to be released from your accommodation contract if:

  • You are denied a Visa
  • You choose not to enrol
  • You are required to withdraw after failing to meet the academic requirements of your course

You’ll only be able to cancel if you confirm your situation by email and provide suitable evidence. If you don’t arrive as expected and we haven’t heard from you, we can cancel your contract after Week 3 (26th October) of the first term.


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