50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only
50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only


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Zero Waste Shop at the Welcome Hub

The SUHQ have launched their Zero Waste Shop in the Welcome Hub!

welcome hub launched new zero waste shop SUHQ Welcome Hub has launched their Zero Waste Shop

Gill and her team have just launched the Zero Waste Shop, as part of the new Welcome Hub in SUHQ!

They currently offer a range of healthy snacks, core cereals and rice, soap, conditioner and washing detergent. Everything is sold either singly or by measure and weight,  so you can fill them to the amount that you need.

They do have containers to offer at the shop, but they come with a fee. The Welcome Hub encourage you to bring your own containers, which will save you money and you'll be making a positive impact on the environment!

The Welcome Hub team would also love to hear your ideas and feedback for the future of the Zero Waste Shop. If you have any suggestions on what products we should sell, we would love to hear them!



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