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News from Warwick SU

Wins from the 2021-22 Full-Time Officer Team

Over the last couple of months, your Full-Time Officer team have been working hard to implement huge improvements to services for students.

Image of the Full-time Officers Image of the Full-time Officers

Over the last couple of months, your Full-Time Officer team have been working hard to implement huge improvements to services for students, from weekly BUCS fixtures on the Big Screen to discounted parking fees for medical students and restriction-free club and society activities. 

Transport Services for Medical Students

Shingai Dzumbira, President, and Luke Mepham, former President, secured university transport services to University Hospital Walsgrave for medical students and discounted parking fees for Postgraduate medical students.

This has addressed issues with medical students being unable to afford parking prices at both the University and the hospitals they attend. Further expansion is currently underway.

Society Condoms Scheme

Created by Charlton Sayer, Welfare Officer, this scheme resulted in the distribution of 2,000 free condoms and customised society stickers to 20 student societies, to promote sexual health during the freshers' period.

The scheme had a a brilliant response and helped 20 societies promote and normalise sexual health materials at the Societies Fair, through word of mouth and on social media.

Society Exec Discord Server

Chih-Hsiang Lo, Societies Officer, established a Society Exec Discord Server, which has helped to provide SU communications to society execs who are not very active on Facebook or email. So far, over 200 execs from a range of societies have joined.

Societies have used the server to connect with eachother, organise collaborations and ask for help on certain society issues.

During the Societies Fair, many societies and execs stated how the Discord Server has been of great help in relation to receiving vital information from the SU.

One to Watch

This project by Will Brewer, Sports Officer, focuses on highlighting sport at the University. Funding has been received for RAW to film, edit and add commentary to weekly BUCS fixtures and then have them screened on the Big Screen in the Piazza on Fridays from 4-6pm.

It is accompanied by a vast array of updated promotional material, interviews with the clubs being filmed and wider work with the Boar to highlight club achievements.

SU Committees

Jacob Jefferson, Democracy and Development Officer, has worked with the Democracy team to give a clearer structure and aims to SU committees, with meeting dates set in advance.

This was a much-needed reform to improve efficiency of committees and to allow for consistent meetings. 

PG Website Overhaul

Nathan Parsons, Postgraduate Officer, has been reviewing our Postgraduate-related website content, to ensure it is up to date, relevant and useful for Postgraduate students.

Restriction-Free Club and Society Events

The Full-Time Officer team secured restriction-free activities for clubs and societies when using university learning spaces.


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