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Warwick SU supports Warwick's Night In

We stand in solidarity with the Warwick's Night In cause, and will be closing our Copper Rooms and Terrace Bar venues from 6pm on Wednesday 27th October.

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Warwick SU fully supports the Warwick's Night In protest planned for next week, following increased reports of drink-spiking at venues on and off campus. We stand in solidarity with their cause, and will be closing our Copper Rooms and Terrace Bar venues from 6pm on Wednesday 27th October.

Further to the decision made to close on Wednesday, we have also met with representatives from It Happens Here Warwick and Protect Warwick Women. We are all in full agreement that we will not close on Thursday 28th October, in addition to the Wednesday as originally planned, as we wish to offer a safe space for students to enjoy the Rep My Flag Halloween event taking place in The Copper Rooms on that date. We believe that closing on the night of our biggest event, POP!, underlines our total commitment to stamping out the deplorable incidents of drink-spiking nationally.

(Update - The promoter organising Rep My Flag has since decided to stand in solidarity with Warwick's Night In, and has cancelled that event too.)

The SU has considerable safety measures in place to reduce the risk of drink-spiking incidents in our venues, and we will be holding further meetings over the coming days to shape a clear list of additional measures we intend to introduce in response to the heightened concerns. Everyone deserves to feel safe on a night out, and we will do everything we can to protect our students and their guests in SU venues.

Contrary to recent rumours circulated on social media, any incidents of spiking in SU spaces will lead to a permanent ban, as well as further consequences, and this has always been the case, without exception.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for week 4 POP! will be contacted directly and refunded.


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