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Understanding Wellbeing Module

Warwick IATL presents: Understanding Wellbeing, an interdisciplinary, HEAR accredited module for improving your wellbeing literacy, supported by Warwick BioSoc. Find out more and enrol today!

The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL), with support from Warwick BioSoc, have launched the Understanding Wellbeing module for Term 2.

This is an interdisciplinary, HEAR accredited module to improve your wellbeing literacy. There are no time constraints, so you can complete the module in your own time and gain level certificates.

The module will cover:

  • Exploring wellbeing from different disciplinary viewpoints, ranging from scientific, economic, psychological, and philosophical perspectives
  • Engaging with activities and strategies that can improve our wellbeing, from exercise and art to mindfulness
  • Looking at what factors might be affecting our wellbeing, from social media and emotions to dealing with failure

Find out more and enrol here!


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