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Trans-inclusive Teaching & Learning Project update

Following outgoing Trans Students’ Officer ALEX LYTHALL’s presentations at the Student Learning Experience & Engagement Committee (SLEEC) earlier this year, the Students’ Union is pleased to be able to provide an update on our new trans-inclusive teaching & learning project!

This is an outcome of the Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick work we began with Alex and Warwick Pride earlier in the year, and forms part of our broader work on providing liberated curricula at Warwick.

  • We interviewed and appointed two candidates to work on the project until the end of the month, paid for by funds given to the University’s Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor, Gwen van der Velden, as part of a teaching award.
  • The first appointee will be focusing on the foundational understanding and essential logistics of trans-inclusive teaching & learning, such as the non-assumption of gender, the normalisation of sharing pronouns, and diversity of gender identities and expressions.
  • The second appointee will focus on queer and trans pedagogies, writing guidance on the transformational approach to teaching & learning.
  • We are hoping to model the outcome of the project on the New Zealand bilingual education portal’s Inclusive Education – ‘Supporting LGBTIQA+ students’ web resource, pulling together pre-existing resources in addition to the two new work strands commissioned above to create a portal of resources for people who teach at Warwick.

To have such resounding support and buy-in from a senior member of the University is an incredible endorsement of the work done in this area. Thanks to everyone who worked on this, particularly Alex Lythall and the SU’s Campaigns Coordinator, Sam Parr, for all their efforts behind the scenes! Warwick SU looks forward to being at the forefront of redefining the student learning experience over the coming years by continuing to working towards truly inclusive and liberated curricula.



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Trans-inclusive Teaching & Learning Project update

This is an outcome of the "Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick" work we began with outgoing Trans Students' Officer Alex Lythall and Warwick Pride earlier in the year, and forms part of our broader work on providing liberated curricula at Warwick.

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