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Strategic Plan 2021-25 Strategic Plan 2021-25

This week, we are excited to launch the final consultation on our draft strategic plan to members, which sets out our vision, mission, and priorities for the next 5 years.   

Since initiating the process in late 2018, the SU has engaged in series of strategic review activities which have consulted with 3 sets of Officers; delivered thematic workshops to consult students, staff, and the University; delivered Trustee strategy sessions; set up a strategic review committee to oversee the progress on behalf of the Board and been informed by departmental strategies.  

This strategy will be the foundation on which we base our future direction, setting out the development we want to achieve by 2025, and we are now inviting a final round of feedback from our members before publication.

You can get involved by viewing the draft strategic document and completing the feedback form using the links below. The deadline for any feedback is Wednesday 21st April. 

This is the final element of a long strategic development process, which has incorporated student consultation throughout, so it is unlikely we will make any major changes at this stage. However, any thoughts you are willing to share will be seriously considered, and we will integrate as much of your feedback as we can.

View the draft strategic plan

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