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Transforming Education

SU Course Rep Wins. Transforming Education. SU Course Rep Wins

Our SU Course Reps ensure you have a say on your own educational experience.

So far this year, your elected Course Reps have acted on student feedback to make numerous improvements to the learning experience, including:

Supporting SEM

  • Introduce Careers Fair events
  • Provide Common Room facilities
  • Create a Breakfast Club for staff and students
  • Continue developing ‘Moodle Anonymous’
  • Implement course changes

Supporting Social Science

  • Organise course social events
  • Change assessment methods
  • Improve consistency in assignment rules
  • Implement course changes
  • Increase clarity in interpretation of word counts

Supporting Faculty of Arts

  • Develop a new Assessment Timetable
  • Create careers events
  • Develop new resources
  • Introduce year abroad events
  • Advise departments on flawed policies

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SU Course Rep Wins. Transforming Education.

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