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Kevin Gately's 50th Anniversary

Saturday 15th June marked the 50th anniversary of Kevin Gately’s tragic passing. Learn more about Kevin Gately and his significance here at Warwick Students' Union.

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Who was Kevin Gately?

Kevin Gately was a Second-Year Mathematics student at the University of Warwick who died due to head injuries sustained while attending an anti-fascist march against the National Front on 15th June 1974. He was the first person to die at a demonstration in Britain for at least 55 years, and suspicions that his injuries arose from police brutality on the day were never fully answered. In response to his death, hundreds of students marched in London and Coventry to pay tribute to him.

Kevin Gately Meeting Room

As per the motion ‘Remembering and Commemorating Kevin Gately’ which was passed at our All Student Vote during the 2018-2019 academic year, Warwick Students’ Union was proud to rename Meeting Room 2 to ‘The Kevin Gately Room’. To this day, the room is used for staff meetings and hosting student-led events throughout the academic year.

15th June 2024 will mark the 50th anniversary of Kevin Gately’s passing, and to commemorate this occasion the SU will update the meeting room with a design refresh, new audio-visual equipment, and furniture. The intention is for this project to take place over summer vacation, to be ready ahead of the new academic year.

We’re currently at the design stage so plans remain subject to change, but the proposal is as follows:  

  • A mural commemorating Kevin Gately and the proud history of the anti-fascist struggle at Warwick will be placed outside of the meeting room alongside the silver plaque as a gallery piece.
  • A large wayfinding arrow, in line with our signage refresh, will be placed outside the meeting room (between Meeting Room 2 and the Kevin Gately room) to make it more visible for students and staff.
  • As you enter the room, we plan to feature a piece which says ‘Welcome to Kevin Gately’ including a brief description of his significance. This will appear alongside our strap line and the external and internal values of Warwick Students’ Union.
  • The front and back walls will include brand assets, with the back wall featuring a diagonal solid colour block to accommodate new screens.

Outside Kevin Gately

Outside Kevin Gately

Side Wall

Front Wall

Back Wall

It’s truly an honour being able to pay homage to an important and brave Students’ Union member like Kevin Gately, and we are proud to continue his legacy here at Warwick SU.

Learn more about Kevin Gately’s significance, and his tragic death here.



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