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Coronavirus Info for Clubs and Societies

Warwick Students’ Union strongly advises all Societies and Sports Clubs NOT to proceed with any trips abroad they may have planned for the next few weeks. However, for the sake of clarity, ultimate responsibility for these decisions lies with the relevant club and society execs.

We appreciate that for many of you these trips are a highlight of the year, and you will be reluctant to cancel such exciting events. However, given the spread of Coronavirus, and the associated risks to public health, any unnecessary foreign travel is now considered very unwise.

We would urge you to read the government advice about travelling abroad, which is available at

When looking into cancellation of your trips, please check your travel insurance for information on refunds and issues around repatriation. Your travel insurance is what provides you with protection in the event of cancellation. The Students’ Union is NOT liable for covering any associated costs, including refunds, or additional expenses if you have to stay abroad longer than planned.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please email the SU Student Activities Supervisor.


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