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Bereavement Support

Content warning: Bereavement, grief, loss, suicide

If you have been recently bereaved, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and to draw your attention to organisations who can offer support during this difficult time, including Cruse ( who operate a day-time helpline, and UK SOBS for survivors of bereavement by suicide ( who operate a daytime helpline and support groups.

The university’s Chaplaincy also offers bereavement support for those of any faith or none, which can be found online at

Wellbeing Support Services’ self-help resources include a section on bereavement, grief, and loss, which can support you to work through your response to bereavement (

If you have been bereaved, we’d also encourage you to talk to your personal tutor/supervisor or another relevant person in your department, so that you can receive support navigating any impact this may have on your studies. If your ability to study is affected, you may want to consider submitting mitigating circumstances.

Please contact the Students' Union Advice Centre for further guidance on


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