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Associations Explained!

Summer Elections 2021 - Associations Explained Summer Elections 2021 - Associations Explained

With only a few days until Summer Elections nominations open, as promised in our previous update, here’s some more details about Associations and the exec positions available.

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of Liberation Associations, to enable the SU to better support marginalised and underrepresented students. Associations will help to bring together existing student-run societies with relevant Part-Time Officers to allow for better coordination of and support for campaigns and other activities.

Associations will be free to join, and anyone who has self-defined as belonging to a liberation group can become a member of the respective association(s). Allies can also join Associations as ‘supporters’, although will not be able to vote for exec positions or any constitution/policy changes relating to the Association. All Associations will function differently: some will likely be active groups running campaigns and holding events and socials, whereas some will be an umbrella group for existing societies.

As part of the SU’s Summer Elections, we are electing exec members to run the Associations alongside the respective Part-Time Officers, so that they can be set-up and ready to go for Welcome 2021.

The five Associations which will be launching ahead of the next academic year are:

  • LGBTQUA+ Students’ Association
  • Ethnic Minorities Students’ Association
  • Disabled Students’ Association
  • Widening Participation Students’ Association
  • Womens’ Association

We have worked with our Part-Time Officers and relevant societies to decide upon the ideal structure for each Association. The existing Warwick Pride society will be becoming the LGBTQUA+ Association, and so the Summer Elections will be used to elect students into their remaining exec roles.

The Disabled Students’ Association will be an umbrella Association representing the existing societies supporting disabled students at Warwick: ASD Warwick and Warwick Enable. As such, this Association will be run by the Presidents of these societies along with the Disabled Students’ Officer.

The other three Associations will be electing exec members as part of the Summer Elections, and these exec members will be able to work with the respective Part-Time Officers to shape the direction and organisation of the Association. There will also be delegated exec members representing relevant societies within these Associations – the selection of these delegates will be organised following the Summer Elections.

Please be sure to self-define and nominate yourself to become a member of the first exec of an Association to help shape and define the initial direction of these exciting new student groups!

Nominations for the Summer Elections open on 26th April at noon until 7th May at noon. Voting opens 10th May at noon until 14th May at 3pm. Be sure to Make Your Mark!



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