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2021/22 Full-Time Officer Team Achievements

We're saying a fond farewell to your 21/22 Full-Time Officer Team. Find out what they've been working on over the past year to support you.

Image of the Full-time Officers 2021-22

As we say goodbye to your 2021-22 Ful-Time Officer team, we're taking a look back on all they have achieved to support and represent you over the past year. 

Nathan will remain in post as your Postgraduate Officer until September.

Black Brilliance and Black History Month

On the 26th October 2021, we held a Black History Month event to launch our Black Brilliance Campaign. The event brought academics, industry experts and students together to celebrate the rich history and stories of black people, both in the University of Warwick community and beyond. 

Teaching and Learning Restrictions Lifted

We carried out a survey in Term 1 to understand students' views towards blended learning. With 2000+ responses, we fed this back to the University's Education Executive, who agreed to lift restrictions on teaching and learning in the following terms. 

Drink-Spiking Action Plan

In solidarity with the Warwick's Night In protest, we cancelled a POP! event and created an action plan to address any potential for drink-spiking in our venues, and introduced further measures to keep our students safe. 

Rate Your Landlord

We introduced the brand-new Rate Your Landlord scheme to Warwick, including a launch event and awards, empowering students to rate their experience with past and current landlords. 

Transport Services for Medical Students

We secured university transport services to University Hospital Walsgrave for medical students and discounted parking fees for Postgraduate medical students.

Societies Festival

We hosted the first Warwick SU Societies Festival, which spanned across 3 days, with performances from 30 societies ranging from pop-ups, showcases, an activities and crafts fair and an open-mic session.

Spring Officer Elections

We held our annual Spring Officer Elections to elect your 2022-23 Full-Time and Part-Time Officers, with 4,100 voters (350+ increase from last year's Elections) and 70+ candidates nominated themselves for the positions.

Good Night Out

This campaign aims to help venues to better understand, respond to and prevent sexual harassment and assault, through specialist training and policy support. 5 premises in Leamington Spa have now begun their accreditation process.

Sexism in Sport Review

Conducted a review into sexism within sports clubs, which included holding focus groups with club presidents, a survey in collaboration with Report and Support, and creating an action plan to tackle the issues identified within the review. 

Ally Scheme

This project aimed to tackle the issue of members of marginalised communities not feeling included within sports clubs, by matching members of marginalised communities with an ally within their chosen sports club, to better help integrate them into the club.

Bus Service Improvements

Following complaints about the bus service to and from campus, we worked with Stagecoach to make improvements to the bus service, including the recruitment of new drivers, duplicate buses scheduled and commitments to continue monitoring this.

Adopt a Society

The new Adopt a Society scheme allows students to 'adopt' a society that has become dormant due to not having enough exec members. This has now been fully implemented and promoted on SU channels.

Society Spaces

Engaged with Warwick Arts Centre around the use of their spaces for societies and approved a service-level agreement with the Arts Centre in relation to how societies can use/hire out spaces going forward.

Society Condoms Scheme

This scheme resulted in the distribution of 2,000 free condoms and customised society stickers to 20 student societies, to promote sexual health during the freshers' period.

One to Watch

Secured funding for RAW to film, edit and add commentary to weekly BUCS fixtures and then have them screened on the Big Screen in the Piazza on Fridays from 4-6pm.

Aldi Sponsorship

Secured £2,500 for both Men’s and Women’s Football from Aldi Sponsorship, with an additional £700 for the SU in advertising revenue to be spent on the Sports Programme.

Varsity 2022

We held the 2022 Varsity competition, where Warwick won 39 fixtures (compared to Coventry’s 19), resulting in our 31st Varsity victory!

Academic Talks

We delivered 2 ‘Academic Talks’ on Instagram Live, to help students navigate submitting Mitigating Circumstances and Academic Appeals, and to find out how the SU Advice Centre can support them in doing so.

Loud and Proud

Over 300 students attended our brand-new night for LGBTQUIA+ students and their allies at Warwick, with DJ Craig Law of Gaydio. Due to its popularity, we’ve made Loud and Proud one of our regular term-time events.


Ran a student consultation on the #WeGetConsent campaign and how we can improve it, and filmed multiple video blogs with students on the topic of what consent means to you. 

Take a Break

Held multiple 'Take a Break' events, where students could have a break from studying to have a drink and a snack whilst chatting to the SU/University about how they are feeling.


Attended the COP26 Conference on behalf of the SU as part of the University’s COP26 delegation, promoting Warwick’s work to enable sustainability and climate change tackling measures through attending events.

Company Law Meeting

Following our Company Law meeting, where students voted on our Special Resolution to amend our Articles of Association, the new Articles have passed (subject to Charity Commission approval) and will impact the way the SU is governed moving forward.

SU Committees

We gave a clearer structure and aims to SU committees, with meeting dates set in advance. This was a much-needed reform to improve efficiency of committees and to allow for consistent meetings. 

Welfare Stand

The SU Welfare Stand was present at POP!, Glow and our new Loud & Proud night, where we handed out 6,000+ free condoms, sanitary products, advice cards, biscuits and anti-drink spiking devices.

Postgraduate Events

Held the first Postgraduate Town Hall session to give updates to the Postgraduate community and get feedback from these students, as well as PG Officer Hour sessions.

Society Exec Discord Server

Established a Society Exec Discord Server, which has helped to provide SU communications to society execs who are not very active on Facebook or email.


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