Debts to the University

Outstanding Tuition Fees and Fees Committees

If you owe tuition fees to the University and are struggling to pay the required amount, it is important that you talk to the University Student Finance department to discuss your circumstances. You will need to come up with an affordable and realistic plan to pay the amount owed, otherwise the University may suspend your registration.

The University holds Fees Committees, which investigate the circumstances of students who owe tuition and accommodation fees. If you are required to attend a Fees Committee, please talk to University Student Finance or the SU Advice Centre Team.

If you are struggling financially, it may be worth checking that you are receiving all the money available to you - help with this can be obtained from University Student Funding or the WSU Advice Centre.

If you have tuition-related debts to the University, you will not be able to graduate until they have been paid. If you do not keep to the agreed plan, the University may ask debt collectors to recover it for them.

Other Debts to the University

If you owe any other money to the University, it is important that you talk to the relevant department or team and consider how you are going to pay the amount owed.

If the money remains unpaid and you do not engage with the University, they may ask debt collectors to recover the amount for them. It is therefore important to stay in contact with the University and get advice on what you can do.

If you are struggling with a debt to the University, it may be worth checking that you are receiving all the money available to you - see the University Student Funding page for more info.

For information on help with Debts,  see this page.

What should I do if I’m experiencing financial difficulties?

In the first instance, you should contact, quoting your Student ID number, who may be able to put an instalment / payment plan in place. 

You should also browse the Hardship Funds page – although a Hardship Fund is not for covering tuition/accommodation fees, it can help with your immediate hardship.


For more information about Tuition & Accommodation Fees, please visit this page - Frequently asked questions - Student Finance - University of Warwick