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Hardship Funds

Home Students

The Hardship Funds For Home Students (warwick.ac.uk) is a discretionary fund, for students that require short-term emergency funds to cover their essential living costs and some course-related costs. The fund is for living expenses and course-related costs; it cannot be used to pay tuition fees. The award is non-repayable.

International Students

For International Students, the equivalent of the Hardship Fund for Home Students is called International Students Emergency Fund (ISEF) - Pre-Triage - ISEF - Student Funding - University of Warwick (not to be confused with the Emergency Loan, which is also available to international students). You will need to complete and submit an Expression of Interest form. Make sure you are logged in to your student account before doing so.

The International Students’ Childcare Fund (ISCF) - is a Hardship Fund designed to help International and EU students who are struggling to pay for their pre-school aged children’s childcare costs.

Further information can be obtained at Student Funding at the University. 

There is also a system of Emergency Loans to cover short-term difficulties. 3 emergency loans can be received within 12 months, however, eligibility can be impacted for any further emergency loans if you already had 3 - To apply for an emergency loan, you will first need to email them at studentfunding@warwick.ac.uk or telephone the Student Funding office on 024 7615 0096. 

You will need to provide the following details when you contact them:

 - Your full name and your Warwick Student ID number. 
 - Your reason for requiring an emergency loan. 
 - Your current bank balance

Further to the above Warwick University sources, there are some external ones as well. Students could apply for funds here - UK and International students - Search for charitable and educational grants - Turn2us