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Hardship Funds

The Warwick Hardship Fund (WHF) is available for full and part-time UK and International undergraduate and postgraduate students who are experiencing serious financial difficulty. The money is allocated on a discretionary and needs basis, with priority given to students with dependants or disabilities. The fund is for living expenses and course-related costs; it cannot be used to pay tuition fees.

The International Students’ Childcare Fund (ISCF) - This provides discretionary financial help towards childcare and is based on need and circumstances. The childcare service and carer must be registered or approved.

Further information can be obtained via Student Funding at the University, while application forms are available on their website.

There is also a system of Emergency Loans to cover short-term difficulties. The limit that can be taken out in a year is 3 - visit Student Funding in University House with your University card and a mini-statement or internet banking printout to access these.

Further to the above Warwick University sources, there are some external ones as well. International students could apply for funds here - Funding Links ( and both UK and International students here - Search for charitable and educational grants - Turn2us