Accessing Healthcare and the NHS

Healthcare in the UK is delivered by the NHS - for information about healthcare services, visit

Registering with a Doctor (GP)

Undergraduate and postgraduate students who live on campus can register with a doctor based at the University Health Centre. Students who live in the Coventry catchment area that is covered by the Health Centre can also register here, as can undergraduate students who live in the Kenilworth and Leamington Spa areas.

To find out whether you live in the catchment area, please see the map of the area.

Please also see the Health Centre website, which gives you information about how to register with a doctor there.

All other students must register with a doctor in the area they live in. To find your nearest doctor, please visit the NHS website.

International Students

International students who come to the UK to study for more than 6 months are able to access national health services, as are the dependents of students. They can also register with a doctor as above.

For detailed information on how to keep healthy and access various treatments under the NHS, please refer to the UKCISA website.

Registering with a Dentist

All students (including international students) can register with a dentist. Dental treatment in the UK is not provided free of charge - how much you will have to pay for your treatment will depend on whether you are registered with a dentist who provides treatment under the NHS or with a dentist who only provides treatment to private clients. To find and register with a dentist, please refer to the NHS website.

Students could be able to claim some of the money paid for the treatment – however, this will depend on your individual financial circumstances.

Help with Health Costs and NHS Prescription Charges

You could be eligible for financial help with the cost of your dental treatment, optical treatment and prescription charges. This help will depend on your financial circumstances and whether you are receiving treatment through the NHS. For information on help with health costs and prescription charges, please refer to the NHS website.

Accessing Urgent Healthcare

There are a range of services available - to access the right help, see the NHS page.

Mental Health or Wellbeing Crises

The University has helpful information on what services are available in the event of a mental health crisis and how to access them.