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Buddy Scheme

Buddy Scheme

Buddy Scheme 2022-23

The Buddy Scheme is now open to new registrations

The Buddy Scheme is a peer to peer support system that helps new students adjust to life at Warwick University. Being a member of the Buddy Scheme has lots of benefits; it will help you settle in, make new friends and learn about life at Warwick.

We match current Warwick students (Buddy Scheme Volunteers) with students who are new (Buddy Scheme Participants), based on their answers to a short but informative questionnaire about their preferences.

We feel that it can be really beneficial for students to be matched with a peer who knows what it is like to be a student at Warwick and who can identify with other students’ experiences. It is a flexible, informal scheme that works around you!

Take your first step to new connections by joining the Buddy Scheme today!


Buddy Scheme Participant (New Students)

Join the Buddy Scheme as a participant to be matched with a current Warwick student.

By signing up as a Buddy Scheme Participant you will be matched with another student, based on your preferences, who will be there to help you to make the most of your time here.

Our Buddy Scheme Volunteers are here to be a friendly face and to help you settle into life at Warwick. They will share their tips and knowledge about university and the local area, from how to get cheaper travel to where’s the best cafe on campus. You can meet up or chat online, whatever suits you best.

The Buddy Scheme is open to anyone - whether you are an international student, a student who is the first in their family to go to university, a postgraduate student, a mature student or an undergraduate student.

Matching will begin on 19th September 2022.

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Buddy Scheme Volunteer (Current Students)

Become a Buddy Scheme Volunteer to support new students.

Sign up to become a Buddy Scheme Volunteer to provide peer support to your assigned new students and help them settle into life at Warwick using your experience and knowledge of University life and the local area. You can give them give practical information, answer initial questions and direct them to other relevant student services. Please click here for the full role description.

Why volunteer as a Buddy?

  • Gain excellent CV boosting skills, including mentoring, problem-solving, leadership, communication, teamwork and citizenship

  • Build confidence by taking on a leadership role and supporting students

  • Meet new people from different backgrounds and life experiences - making friends is what we're all about!

Matching will begin on 19th September 2022.

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