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Looking for several flatmates (up to 5) to live in or near Canley

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Looking for several flatmates (up to 5) to live in or near Canley
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Looking for several flatmates (up to 5) to live in or near Canley

Hi, my name is Guillermo :)

A couple of friends and I (Jacob, Ollie, Guillermo) are looking for flatmates for next year (22/23), and although we are not 100% decided on this, we think we would like to live in Canley or in the surroundings (near campus). We would like to pay at most 140£ per week per person (although hopefully we can pay less than that).

We study PPE, Econ and Physics, and we are first years. We are all fun and we do not dislike parties, but we are pretty academic-oriented, and with important workloads, we will be studying a fair amount of time (either on our own or all together!). Ideally, then you would also be rather academic-oriented, but a big bonus would be if you would as well be willing to get socially and academically involved within the flat so life would be easier for everyone.

Ideally, we are looking for a cohesive flat, in which we would all actively support each other (academically and non-academically) and take care of each other, without disregarding fun activities (indoors and outdoors) all together!

Something particular about us is that Jacob and I are interested in doing research in economics (now and also later in life), so we hope to be working together and studying together, especially Maths and Stats, so for all STEM (and in particular Maths/stats) students, you are very welcome! Not to say Social Sciences and Arts students would not add a lot of flavor to the flat as well! :D

We would accept everyone as long as they are respectful and at least a bit socially outgoing (so we can have a great flat next year!)

Finally, if the idea of a united flat that lives, studies, and parties together like a family sounds awesome to you, hit us up! We welcome all types of applications (individuals or groups). Hope we chat soon!


My phone number: +33641170346