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Looking for accommodation (on or off campus) starting December 20, 2021

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Looking for accommodation (on or off campus) starting December 20, 2021
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Looking for accommodation (on or off campus) starting December 20, 2021

Hello! My name is Inga :)

  • I am a GSD student returning from a year out, so I can take over somebody’s contract. 
  • My budget is max 110/week including bills. 
  • Tbh, I am mainly trying my luck at finding flatmates who match my standards of human decency heh :)) If unsuccessful, I will apply and be randomly allocated on-campus accommodation (:
  • If you feel like your current flatmates don't match the description below, please don't drag me in! Much appreciated!

So, shortly about me...

  • I am rather quiet than a party animal. But a little party never killed nobody, right? 2 glasses of wine and I'm on the dance floor :)) Or we can play card games and chat over a beer. BUT clubbing is not really my thing, and neither is excessive drinking or other substance abuse. 
  • I am ambitious and I take my studies seriously. Ofc I would prefer to be surrounded with like-minded people:))
  • I would like to think that most of the time, you won't actually find me IN. I'll be either at uni, at the library, at work, at the gym, attending events, etc - just being out there somewhere, being a busy bee cause honestly staying in killed my mental health last year. 

...and my definition of 'human decency':

  • BUT when I'm IN, I would like to feel at HOME and be able to CHILL, individually or collectively, IDEALLY with my respectful, emotionally intelligent and mature flatmates:)))) We don't have to actually like each other, share hobbies, interests and opinions etc - knowing how to respect each others' preferences and boundaries is enough. 
  • By that, I mean Little Big things like doing your part in keeping the shared areas clean or knowing how to communicate your needs when issues arise. No immature drama please, let's leave that for reality TV that we can watch and chill together;)

So, dear person who's looking for a replacement tenant, please only message me if you feel like this brief description matches your flatmates. Thank you very much!

You can contact me on WhatsApp at +44 74 238 238 66 or email me at inga.busuioc@warwick.ac.uk

Please include details such as the price (including bills), the contractual period, the location (postcode), some pictures of the property and room, and some details about the housemates. Thank you!  

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Re: Looking for accommodation (on or off campus) starting December 20, 2021

Hi Inga, 

Are you a post grad? I have a room at Claycroft available Dec if so. The rent is 144/week (but I am willing to give a discount/subsidize to meet your requirements of 110 per week). 

If its a good fit, please email at lisa.xu.1.@warwick.ac.uk thanks!