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Room Replacement for Term 3 (on campus & 40% discount offered)

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Room Replacement for Term 3 (on campus & 40% discount offered)
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Room Replacement for Term 3 (on campus & 40% discount offered)

HELLO!!!! I am going back to my country so I am willing to give up my room in Rootes

  1. Full-time Male/Female Undergraduate student not already in a Warwick Accommodation contract for this academic year.
  2. My room has the best layout among the other rooms and its location is strategic (near with the shower, toilet, and kitchen)
  3. My room has a basin with a mirror. so convenient to wash your face and brush your teeth.
  4. There is also a big table in the room so you will feel comfortable when you study. (If you are a gamer, you can even put your PC on the table like I did)
  5. £100 per week (cheap, very comfortable) but the price will be £60 per week (after discount).
  6. Super friendly and welcoming flatmates plus my flat is very clean and tidy !!!
  7. The kitchen is very big where it separates two sides. One side is for cooking and the other one consist of a big dining table. (You can also do your work there and relax)
  8. Sunrise & sunset from your window. (there are tree and some greenery view)
  9. Rootes is located at the center of campus where it is near with learning grid (place to study), Pret A Manger and others.


I am willing to pay you 40% of the rent, so you will only need to pay 60% of the rent for term 3! Don't miss out on this opportunity and get yourself a cheap and comfortable place in Term 3 2021!!


For more information, please Whatsapp me +447867668527 // email Ahmad-Fizrul-Eizham.Rafizal@warwick.ac.uk