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Room Replacement Wanted
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Room Replacement Wanted

Hey there! 

I am looking for anyone who would like to get an on-campus room for Term 3 2021 as I am going back to my country early, before summer. Details are as below:

I am going back to my country so I am willing to give up my room in Whitefields.
- full-time Female Undergraduate student not already in a Warwick Accommodation contract for this academic year.
- my room has the most cozy layout among the other rooms (it is very spacious too, I can dance and do home workouts in my room!)
- £77 per week (cheapest and very comfortable)
- super diverse, friendly, welcoming flatmates 
- my flat is very clean and tidy (even our cleaner said so!)
- a common room where you can study and relax 
- view of the Oculus and Health Centre Road (so it is not too boring overlooking only stationary buildings and trees)

For more information, please whatsapp me +447436916694 or email Puteri.Ruslan@warwick.ac.uk