Room in north Leam, £403pm (with photos)

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Room in north Leam, £403pm (with photos)
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Room in north Leam, £403pm (with photos)


We’re a group of three students, two boys and one girl, looking for an extra person to join our group. 

We’ve been living in this property for 2 years and are looking to take it on for a further third year!!

The property is a terrace house situated in north Leam - about a 10 minutes walk from the parade (and nearest bus stop). It has two toilets, a shower & bath, a tumble drying, a dishwasher and 4 decently sized rooms. I’ll provide details to anyone who contacts me - along with pics!! 

The landlord has given me two weeks as of the 05/11/17 to find another person to join our group (one of our group is graduating next year) to secure next years lease without a rent rise (it wont have risen in 3 years). So we’d need to have a confirmed interest within that slot!

The rent will be £403 per month without utilities for a 12 month contract from the 1st August 2018. 

If that all sounds good, then find out more about us and the property by emailing me (do it directly at ! 


(the landing^)

(the kitchen)


(living room^)

(Your room^ (double bed))

(Your room^)


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