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Forthcoming Events

Tue 26th January

Student Council (4)
4pm - 7pm
Fourth Student Council

Wed 10th February

Spring Elections: Candidate Briefing (2)
5pm - 6pm
Spring Elections: Candidate Briefing (2) For candidates and campaign managers only

Thu 11th February

Spring Elections: Manifesto Training (1)
5pm - 6pm
Manifesto training for candidates and campaign team members to learn more about delivering an effective manifesto

Mon 15th February

Spring Elections: Complaints Training
2pm - 3pm
Spring Elections: Complaints training for any student that wants to learn more about our process for the Spring Elections.
Spring Elections: Be the Independent Candidate
5pm - 7pm
A session hosted by our current officer team on how to win an election and look after yourself. This is dedicated to any candidate and candidate team not running on a slate.

Tue 16th February

Spring Elections: Be the Candidate
5pm - 7pm
This event is hosted by current elected leaders from liberation backgrounds on how to win an election. This session is aimed at black and minority ethnic candidates and campaign teams.

Wed 17th February

Spring Elections: Question Time (1)
5pm - 7pm
Spring Elections Question Time is an opportunity for any student to ask questions to our candidates about why they should vote for them! Attend, discuss and debate to find out who you want to vote to be your elected leader.

Thu 18th February

Spring Elections: Question Time (2)
5pm - 7pm

Fri 19th February

Spring Elections: Question Time (3)
5pm - 7pm
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