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Spring 2019

Nominations are open for Diversity Part-Time Officers, SU Exec members, and Postgraduate Faculty Reps. Find out more about each role on the officer page

Warwick SU Autumn Elections Provisional Results 2018

For Exec positions, Faculty Rep positions, Part-Time Officer positions and NUS National Conference Delegate positions.

NUS National Conference Delegates

Larissa Kennedy
Alex Delameilleure
Alice Dermody-Palmer
Fraser Amos
Nathan Boroda
Harry Ford

Part-Time Officer Positions:

International Students’ Officer (non-EU): Garav Bachhawat

International Students’ Officer (EU): Jedrzej “JJ” Niewiarowski

Part-Time and Mature Students’ Officer: 

In the initial results count Garav Bachhawat was elected, but made the decision to hold the International Students’ Officer (non-EU) positions.The results count was re-run taking this into account and the candidate elected was: Yuan Liu

Exec Member Results

Welfare Exec Member:
Sarah Noles
Amin Lmoh
James Butler
Niraj Shah
Georgia Ditchfield
Re-Open Nominations

Sports Exec Member:
Becky Lloyd
Ben Barker
Aled Clarridge
Juan Vilches-Narro
Tom Shea
Matthew Sexton
Mehalah Spencer
Sasha Radkovskii

Societies Exec Member:
Harry Ford
Sophie Kempston
Fraser Amos
Shaquira Lue
Adam Blunden
Jack Hogg
Elizabeth Buhl
Megan Clarke

Education Exec Member:
Megan Clarke
Chloe Batten
Shradda Vrindavan Pandey
Conrad Lewandowski

Development Exec Member:
Milly Last
Klaudia Gegotek
George Burton
Advay Rajguru
Alice Dermody-Palmer
Ayusha Kumbhat

Democracy Exec Member:
Zak Wagman
Nathan Boroda
James Butler
Connor Tomlinson
Shreya Shorewala
Jayanti Popkin

Mental Health Awareness Representative:
Ria Malik
Re-Open Nominations

Postgraduate Exec Member (Research):
Evangeline Wheeler-Jones
Anjana Radhakrishnan

Postgraduate Exec Member (Taught):
Jiayin Chen
Konstantin Eisel

Faculty Representative Positions:

Postgraduate Taught Science, Engineering and Medical Faculty Representative (non-Medicine): Jiayin Chen

Postgraduate Research Social Science Faculty Representative: Anastasia Stavridou

Postgraduate Taught Social Science Faculty Representative (WBS): Sophia Petropoulos

Postgraduate Taught Social Science Faculty Representative (non-WBS): Dalila Da Silva Lopes

Candidates will be confirmed in their posts by 12noon next Friday, notwithstanding any complaints received before now and the complaints deadline.

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.