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Spring 2019

Nominations are open for Diversity Part-Time Officers, SU Exec members, and Postgraduate Faculty Reps. Find out more about each role on the officer page


Nominations are open for the Spring Elections 2019! So spring into action and nominate yourself before 12th February (12noon).

Positions available:

  • Full-Time Student Officers – These Officers are paid £20,200 and work full-time. President, Education Officer, Democracy & Development Officer, Sports Officer, Societies Officer, Postgraduate Officer, Welfare Officer
  • Part-Time Liberation Officers – These Officers carry out their role alongside their studies and are unpaid. Women's Officer, Disabled Students' Officer, LGBTUA+ Officer, Trans Students' Officer, Ethnic Minorities Officer
  • Environment and Ethics Officer 

You can find out more about each position here. Or alternatively, come and speak to the Democracy Team on Level 2 of SUHQ, or the Officers during their drop-in times to get a more detailed look into what they do on a daily basis.

Terms of Office

The Full-Time Officer term of office commences from 1st August until 31st July, inclusive.  If a Postgraduate student is elected to a Full-Time post other than the Postgraduate Officer, the term of office for the incoming and outgoing officers of that post will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The term of Office for the Postgraduate Officer, usually, begins from the 1st September but can be flexible. The Postgraduate Officer elect would still need to attend the handover sessions (dates TBC). All Full-Time Officers receive a full induction and training (with a week of training taking place prior to the job starting on the 1st of August).

 For Part-Time Officers their term of office begins at the start of the next academic year (so in this case 2019/20). Handovers can either be done at the beginning of the next academic year or in the remaining academic year after they have been elected. This can be done on a case-by-case basis depending on how the elected students feel about balancing their studies with the proposed handover.

Before you nominate yourself...

Our Full-Time Student Officer roles require you to complete the trustee declaration form at the bottom of this page.

Our Part-Time Liberation Officer roles require self-definition in order to nominate and in order to vote. You can self-define by going to your voting profile.

You don't need any experience to nominate yourself as one of these student representatives, just a passion for representing the student voice, so get involved and make your mark!

This year candidates will be offered training in the following areas: Public Speaking, Manifesto Writing, and Campaigning. Find out more in the Candidate Guide.

The small print:

  • If you have nominated yourself please check your emails and junk folders for correspondence from The Democracy Team which will include important information about being a candidate.
  • Compulsory candidate briefings will take place on Thursday 14th February at 17:00 in MR2, SUHQ, or Friday 15th February at 15:00 in MR2, SUHQ
  • Remember: No campaigning until 9am Monday 25th February
  • If you think you might be eligible for a post that is saying you're not, please email democracy@warwicksu.com


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Nominate Yourself


Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about the elections process, you can visit us in the Democratic Services Office on the top floor of SUHQ. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.