Welcome to Veganuary!

The month where the charity, Veganuary, encourages everyone to try a 31-day vegan challenge. Founded back in 2014, this UK-based charity is on a mission to eradicate animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and create healthier food systems for human beings.

Since the campaign started, millions have participated, and more and more people are going vegan or vegetarian. Find out why by watching this short film Why Did Six Million Brits Sign Up To Veganuary? (youtube.com)  

Sign the pledge today Try Vegan With Us | Vegan Challenge | Veganuary  and you’ll get a free digital cookbook and tips to help you on your vegan journey!

What is your SU doing?

To support this nationwide event, your SU have compiled some great resources for you to find out more about how to make the change, so you maintain a vegan lifestyle - not only this month, but every month. We will be working with Warwick Vegsoc to advertise cooking classes for Veganuary. as well as other events such as a pub quiz on the topic of veganism.

Did you know that our very own SU outlets offer a variety of vegan options, perfect for Veganuary?! 

The Dirty Duck Pub offers delicious vegan food such as a plant-based Meat-Free Burger, "No Chicken" Inferno, and a Vegan Katsu Curry. Visit the pub to check out the full vegan menu list! 

Curiositea offers a range of vegan milk options, with all their hot and cold drinks, with oat milk offered as a standard vegan option available at no extra cost! They also have vegan specials available each week and big slices of vegan cake. So, you can enjoy tasty vegan treats while you study or catch up with friends. They are also offering an entire Veganuary specials menu during week 2 with a fabulous range of tasty vegan food and drinks available.  

The Food Station has a dedicated Vegan section being relaunched for term 2 offering a variety of vegan ready meals, snacks, ice cream and drinks, as well as offering many vegan options in their Burrito Bowl and Baguette sections.

The Terrace Bar offers a wide variety of vegan drink options ranging from beers, ciders and bottles to soft drinks, spirits and cocktails. And in case you didn't know vegan purple is available in the Copper Rooms at the Copper Rooms 1 bar! 

There are lots of vegan options to choose from in our SU outlets, not only this Veganuary, but all year round!

We have a fruit and veg stall every Thursday 9am-5pm in The Atrium – Fresh & Juicy – where you can grab some locally produced products at a great price.

Warwick VegSoc

And If you’re interested in going vegan or giving being a vegetarian a go, why not join VegSoc who are always open to new members! They aim to bring people from all diets and beliefs together to talk and have some fun. VegSoc is a place where any student can get take part in our Weekly Events like socials, circles and talks! And, to top it all off,  membership is FREE!

Warwick VegSoc Veganuary Events

  • La Vie Bacon Stall 

Date: Tuesday 16th January 2024

Location: Lakeside BBQ (near Sports & Wellness Hub)

Time: From 12pm

Check out their Instagram @warwickvegsoc for more information

  • Disco Chilli

Date: Thursday 25th January 2024

Location: Piazza 

Time: TBC

Check out their Instagram @warwickvegsoc for more information

  • Vegan Cooking Class 

Date: Tuesday 30th January 2024

Location: The Oaks, Student Roost

Time: TBC

Check out their Instagram @warwickvegsoc for more information

Whatever reason motivates you, Veganuary is a great way to have a go at a vegan or veggie lifestyle.