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The (Free) Breakfast Club

Welcome to the (Free) Breakfast Club!

The (Free) Breakfast Club is a student-led campaign to combat the cost-of-living crisis and food insecurity on campus from 8.30am till we run out (so get there on time!), every Tuesday and Thursday during term time in the Green Room (SUHQ).

It is unacceptable that almost 70% of students cannot afford to purchase food on campus, per the SU Cost of Living Survey (764 respondents total) conducted earlier last year.

According to the SU and University’s joint Student Feedback Survey in Term 3 (3,131 respondents total):

  • 64% of students had to cut down on purchasing food on campus,

  • 59% had to cut down on groceries,

  • 27% skipped meals, and

  • 5% had to visit the library café for the free soup offered.

The ever-rising cost of living has placed an unprecedented burden on our students, forcing them to make difficult choices between paying rent or buying more food. This has serious consequences for their physical and mental health, as well as their academic performance.

Providing students with one free meal during the day can ease that burden slightly, as well as signal our support for them during times of uncertainty.


The (Free) Breakfast Club Feedback Form

Thank you for attending the (Free) Breakfast Club! Please fill out this survey to provide essential feedback that will anonymised for a report at the end of this campaign for stakeholders of the Warwick Innovation Fund and Warwick Students’ Union.

The (Free) Breakfast Club Volunteer Sign Up (Closed at the moment)


The benefits of volunteering with the (Free) Breakfast Club are:

  • Directly combat the cost-of-living crisis and food insecurity on campus

  • Receive Level 1 Food Hygiene Training

  • A great experience for your CV

  • Boost your employability skills

  • A free breakfast

  • Unlimited hot drinks

There are 4 volunteering opportunities to easily fit around your volunteers:

  • Mondays (Back of House) Organising & Refilling

  • Tuesdays (Front of House) Set Up, During & After

  • Wednesdays (Back of House) Organising & Refilling

  • Thursdays (Front of House) Set Up, During & After

Please fill this survery if you wish to join the team.

Warwick Innovation Fund

The (Free) Breakfast Club has been made possible by the support of alumni and donors through the Warwick Innovation Fund. Visit the Innovation Fund webpage to find out more information