Sabbatical Officers

Becky Gittins

Becky is the Democracy and Development Officer

3 posts
Last post 12 May 2017
Chloe Wynne

Chloe is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

5 posts
Last post 25 May 2017
Hope Worsdale

Hope is the Education Officer.

7 posts
Last post 30 May 2017
Luke Pilot

Luke is the President of Warwick SU.

17 posts
Last post 29 Jun 2017
Last comment 14 Sep 2015
Marissa Beatty

Marissa is the Societies Officer.

5 posts
Last post 09 May 2017
Nat Panda

Nat is the Postgraduate Officer.

9 posts
Last post 09 Nov 2016
Ted Crowson

Ted is the Sports Officer.

2 posts
Last post 20 Jan 2017

Ted Crowson

Ted is the Sports Officer.

Fri 20 Jan 2017

Term 2 sporting preview

Hopefully it hasn’t escaped your notice that campus has much more of a sporting feel since the Christmas...
Thu 18 Aug 2016

Pre-season accommodation for sport now available!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! The SU #officerwins crier is back - “So early?!”, I hear you exclaim – to which I reply...