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Akosua Sefah

Democracy and Development Officer


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Sports Officer

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Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Education Officer

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Societies Officer

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Postgraduate Officer

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Womens' Officer

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Trans Students' Officer

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LGBTUA+ Officer

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Olly Barron

Societies Officer

Why get involved in Societies?

In my first year one of the first things I did was look at which Societies I could join. I knew I wanted to continue singing, so I looked through the Societies list to see what was there. I found the Leamingtones (an a cappella group) through the Music Centre website and joined this, as well as joining eSports society.

I wasn’t very outgoing as a fresher, didn’t really meet too many people other than my flat and these two groups. One day in term 2, eSports society was running a social to Neon (a club in Leamington Spa). I had only been clubbing once in my life beforehand in freshers week - this was not the best intro since I didn’t know anyone and for some reason though it was a good idea to take a backpack into the club with me. (a tip - don’t take a backpack with you, or use the cloakroom)

This night out with eSports society was a very different experience - I was dancing in a group with pretty good friends and really enjoyed myself. This marked the point where I started to get out a bit more, meet new people and started to really enjoy my university experience and I’m so thankful to societies for giving me this opportunity.

Every year since then I went to the societies fair and joined multiple new societies or found different societies to get involved with. I joined Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts, became Social Secretary for Warwick A Cappella Society, a newly created society and threw myself into as many different social events that I could. In third year I joined Warwick Salsa, Belly Dance and was the Social Secretary for Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts. Through the exec positions I learnt a lot about responsibilities that I wouldn’t have gained from other parts of university life, especially a more leadership role during social events. Societies really shaped my university experience, made me some hopefully lifelong friends and gave me a lot of really useful life skills and experience.

A few core skills to put on your CV by being an exec member can be:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Admin/Emails
  • Networking
  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Event Organising
  • Problem Solving

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Socieites Officer, Olly, and other Society Execs share the benefits of being an Exec and how it has impacted them.