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Balraj Dhingra

Balraj is the Sport Officer

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Ben is the Democracy & Development Officer

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Ellie is the Postgraduate Officer

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Jemma is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Liam Jackson

Liam is the President.

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Alex Lythall

Alex is the Trans Officer.

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Anne-Marie Matthews

Anne-Marie is the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer.

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Emma is the Women's Officer.

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Josh is the LGBTUA+ Officer.

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Keir Lawson

Keir Lawson is the Ethics & Environment Officers.

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Maatin is the Ethnic Minorities Officer.

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Melissa P. Martin

Melissa is the Disabled Students' Officer.

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Luke Pilot

Luke is the President of Warwick SU.

Junior Doctors Contract – THE FIGHT CONTINUES

Towards the end of Term 1, just as junior doctors and medical staff in the NHS were preparing for strike action after a landslide vote in favour of industrial action by the British Medical Association (BMA), it was announced that talks had begun again between the BMA and Jeremy Hunt, the Minister for Health, and the strike was postponed. However - and some might say inevitably! - the talks fell through, with the requirements for a safer and fairer deal not being met. As a result, the strike is back on, scheduled for Tuesday 12th January.

The right-wing media continues to spin the story, spouting vitriol about the plight of the junior doctors by portraying them as greedy and negligent, as well as unfairly blaming them for cancelled surgeries. This is both untrue and completely ahistroical, as it neglects the history of NHS staff using resistance to achieve positive change within the insititution.

I implore you: do not be fooled by the thinly-veiled agenda of certain elements of the British press. The NHS and its staff (both present and future) are under attack - not just from the exploitation and devaluation of junior doctors, but now through the abolition of nursing bursaries. We have already seen the effect this is having on prospective medical staff, with a third of students claiming they are put off studying medicine. With this government’s continued attempts to weaken and privatise our NHS, it is more important than ever that we support our workers and come together for this vital cause.

Sign up to this Thunderclap with Facebook and Twitter to show your support on the 15th: If you can, head to the nearest Hospital and join the picket lines too.

We have hundreds of students at Warwick who will eventually be forced into accepting whatever contract is decided. Let’s support them in their fight for a fairer future for our doctors, as well as a safer future for our NHS.