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Balraj Dhingra

Balraj is the Sport Officer

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Ben is the Democracy & Development officer

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Emily Dunford

Emily is the Postgraduate Officer.

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Jemma is the Welfare Officer

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Alex Lythall

Alex is the Trans Officer.

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Anne-Marie Matthews

Anne-Marie is the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer.

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Josh Johnson

Josh is the LGBTUA+ Officer.

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Julie Saumagne & Christian König

Julie and Christian are the Ethics & Environment Officers.

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Laura Addison & Amy Moores

Laura and Amy are the Women Officers.

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Melissa P. Martin

Melissa is the Disabled Students' Officer.

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Namir Rahim Chowdhury

Namir is the Ethnic Minorities Officer.

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Laura Addison & Amy Moores

Laura and Amy are the Women Officers.

Year Report and Review

Year Report and Review

Hello everyone - this is my last blog as Women’s Officer, and I’ll be briefly covering what I’ve been up to this year!

As your 2016-17 Women’s Officer I’ve focused on a number of campaigns:

International Women’s Week

  • I worked with a team of volunteers (open to all members of the Warwick community) to curate an inclusive calendar of events for International Women’s Week. We applied for and secured funding from the Development Exec to enable us to deliver this week. We worked hard and liaised with departments, organisations and the NHS to create events that were in line with the International Women’s Day theme of #BeBoldForChange, looking at and providing workshops and talks on the changes facing the Higher Education sector, personal development and confidence building provided by the University Careers and Skills department. In addition to workshops on reproductive health by the NHS, and on gendered violence by the BlueSky Centre. A peer support and mental health and wellbeing event was organised in collaboration with the University Student Support Services. And fantastic sporting events were organised by Warwick Active. 

Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

  • I conducted a survey to find out about students’ experiences accessing sexual health services, together with general knowledge about contraception, testing and free safer sex material. The responses suggested that students wanted more information about where and how to access sexual health services - as a result, I produced a resource in collaboration with Warwick Pride detailing where to access a number of these resources. This is currently being displayed in the Health Centre!

Migrant Solidarity 

  • In November, I had the opportunity to work with student campaigning societies on the need for migrant solidarity in the current climate, which has seen rising cases of xenophobia and racism. As a result, this collective of liberation societies invited an organisation to host a workshop and educate students on issues concerning detention, education and Prevent, exploring the work that we can do to challenge what is happening.

University Collaborations

  • I liaised with numerous departments and facilities to share details of, and promote events including the University Careers and Skills programme Sprint, the Inspiring Women Speaker series and The School of Life Sciences 'Women in Science' event. 

Survivor Support

  • I spent a long time researching and contacting various specialist sexual violence organisations to find out about the different support available for students, asking them about services for all genders and those belonging to minority groups. It was apparent that there are lots of services available in the local areas that students can benefit from, should they require them – with the support of Chloe Wynne (SU Welfare Officer) and the Advice Centre, I produced a resource detailing these.

NUS Women’s Conference

  • I attended this year’s Women’s Conference as one of your delegates, attending workshops on numerous issues including faith and reproductive justice as well as voting in favour of motions supporting wellbeing (including those looking to tackle harassment, and motions that would support reproductive justice). Our work for International Women’s Week was recognised at this conference, where we were awarded Women’s Campaign of the Year.

It has been fantastic being your Women’s Officer, and I’ve completely enjoyed working with so many students on issues which support student wellbeing. I would like to thank all the societies, officers  and staff members who I have worked with this year. Thank you for a great year! :) 

- By Emma-Marie Okoroafor 

Women's Officer 2016-2017