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Improving Access to Survivor Support - ‘Need Help?’

Content Note: Mention of sexual violence

My previous blog established my top three priorities for the year, one of which was improving access to survivor support services. The reason why this is such a significant aim is due to research from the NUS (Hidden Marks) revealing that large proportions of students never disclose their experience to anyone. This means that many students are potentially left to deal with the impact of sexual violence alone, of which documented effects include deterioration in mental health and academic performance.

There are a number of specialist services available which are free to access and some, available 24/7 every day of the year, which offer optional disclosure to the police. The aim of my campaign is to highlight the different channels of support available - thus improving access to these services and offering students more support should they require it.

I have spent months compiling a list of organisations which offer various support and contacting them to understand more about their services, and establish whether they are friendly to the diverse range of students here at Warwick. Since starting this, I have shared my research and resource, and liaised with officers and the Students’ Union Advice Centre to look at ways of developing and improving reach. As of now, the resource I created has been used in various trainings and initiatives, and is being distributed to different societies. The result of this hopefully means improved visibility and access to support services.

For the up to date resource please follow the links in the advice centre pages.


-Emma-Marie Okoroafor 

Women's Officer 2016-2017