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The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick, but what exactly is it that makes your Union so unique? Here are a few basic facts about who we are and what we do…

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Student Officers

Charlton Sayer

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Last post 28 Feb 2022
Chih-Hsiang Lo

Societies Officer

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Last post 03 Dec 2021
Isabelle Atkins

Education Officer

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Jacob Jefferson

Democracy and Development Officer

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Last post 05 Jan 2022
Nathan Parsons

Postgraduate Officer

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Shingai Dzumbira


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Will Brewer

Sports Officer

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Part-time Officers

Abi Baxter

Trans Students' Officer

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Braedie Atkins

Widening Participation Officer

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Eman & Naomi

Women's Officers

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Jack Sperry

Environment & Ethics Officer

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Katarzyna Petru

International Students' Officer (EU)

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Magiesha & Fatima

Ethnic Minorities Officers

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Noga & Kirsten

LGBTQUA+ Officers

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Rahul Porwal

International Students' Officer (Non-EU)

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Sophie Kitching

Disabled Students' Officer

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Last post 07 Feb 2022

Jacob Jefferson

Democracy and Development Officer

Spring Officer Elections are just around the corner

Spring Officer Elections are just around the corner!

We’re coming up to that exciting time of year when we elect our new Full-Time and Part-Time Officers to run the Students’ Union for the forthcoming academic year. As the Democracy and Development Officer, part of my role is to oversee the running of the election processes, which mostly includes finding ways to maximise student engagement in the elections through turnout and ensuring all candidates taking part engage fairly and respectfully. This is only a small part of the Democracy and Development role, which also covers overseeing the commercial and financial aspects of the Union alongside Democracy, but it is certainly the most anticipated part of it.

This of course isn’t my first experience with Spring Officer Elections at Warwick, having taken part last year as a candidate. It was a unique experience, which hopefully won’t be replicated this year, in that the whole campaign and process was online but it certainly showed me the importance of my online presence during election week alongside campaigning which will be allowed in person like hall touring and the putting up of candidate posters across campus. It is certainly a potentially daunting thing to stand for election at Warwick but one I greatly valued (and not just because I won!). The experience of writing campaign speeches and designing Facebook adverts and my manifesto were of great personal value in finding the best ways to promote myself as a candidate and the campaign itself was an eye-opening experience in engaging with groups of Warwick students and learning what their main areas of improvement were for the SU. The buzz of election night itself was something I will never forget too, and an experience which should be even more of an occasion with an in-person event.

Being an SU Officer has been an incredibly enriching and satisfying experience for me and I would highly recommend people to put themselves forward, for those who want to enact change, champion specific issues and pick up some really vital job and life skills. Having had a year experience as an Officer you will really stand out in the crowd post-Warwick, having had the courage to put yourselves forward for election, been part of the leadership of an influential organisation and developed real-life job skills which many people won’t have had access to picking up. It is also fun to be able to see the SU and university from a new perspective and actively work to solve student issues, both on a wider and individual issue.

Nominations open for all positions on the 10th of January (https://www.warwicksu.com/student-voice/elections/available-roles/). If you are interested in standing but not sure what position to go for then do get in touch with any of the current Officers who would be more than happy to go over the day-to-day responsibilities of their role from which you will hopefully get to know where you would be most suited. My top tips from now until the election campaign gets under way would be to think of the main eye-catching issues your manifesto might want to focus on, and start reaching out to some friends who might be willing to join your campaign team.

Good luck and please do get in touch if you are considering standing!