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The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick, but what exactly is it that makes your Union so unique? Here are a few basic facts about who we are and what we do…

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Charlton Sayer

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Jacob Jefferson

Democracy and Development Officer

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Abi Baxter

Trans Students' Officer

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Sophie Kitching

Disabled Students' Officer

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Jacob Jefferson

Democracy and Development Officer

Reflections of COP26

It was a great pleasure to have joined the University of Warwick delegation for the 2nd week of COP26.

To be at the most critical event going on in the world, at that time, felt very special and the whole conference had a striking sense of its own importance for our future.

My experience of the conference was mostly through sitting in events with business and technology leaders and chatting to delegates from different countries to find out what each of their governments were doing to fight climate change.

Whilst the agreements that the nations eventually arrived at were arguably not as radical as hoped for, albeit still respectable progress, what I saw especially from a technological perspective did give me hope that the solutions can be found to properly fight climate change.

It was a pleasure to represent Warwick and what we're doing here in those conversations.