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Becky is the Democracy and Development Officer

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Chloe is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

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Hope is the Education Officer.

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Ted is the Sports Officer.

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Chris Luck

Chris Luck is the SU's Democracy Officer.

Union Council, what happened?

Last Union Council meeting of the year and after 3 hours, numerous votes, an incredibly close election and much discussion, we’re done! – a very sleepy Democracy Officer gives you a round-up of events:

Election of Chair & Deputy Chair of Council

One of the closest elections I have seen in 4 years!  With two exceptionally strong candidates I know I’m not alone in saying I struggled to cast my vote but I’m sure the eventual winner, Erin Davies, will be brilliant as our first female Chair of Council.  She will be brilliantly supported by Deputy Chair Oliver Rice.

Democracy Review Phase 2

It’s not the full changes proposed here but it’s all steps in the right direction…

This means:

Union Council will now be called Student Council

There will be dedicated seats for sports, societies, campaigns and PGs

We won’t just be passing Policy after Policy now, if it’s something that affects the Union then a simple statement will do…


Democracy Review Phase 3

This one was all about common sense.  We looked at every single Union Policy and examined them all – where possible putting content in the Bye Laws or Job Descriptions, putting some on the ‘Boycott List’, merging some, transferring some from Policy to ‘Union Regulations & Principles’ and lapsing others.  I’ll be working on this today so details will be out shortly…

In other news…

The proposed Student Trustees were ratified.

Contract Workers’ Rights was amended and passed.

NUS National Demonstration passed.

The Future of Bath Place passed.

Opposition to Sexual Entertainment Venues passed.


More details on Democracy Review to follow and usual get in touch with any and all questions!


Nathaniel Shiers
12:03pm on 15 May 12 classic council session
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