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My reflections on Welcome Week

Welcome to the first week of the 2020/21 academic year!

Welcome Week for most was an opportunity to check out our different societies and a chance to see which spaces you would like to be within for the year. 

I had a busy Welcome Week filled with a range of interesting events. Therefore, I wish to reflect on my week and hope you do too. 

During Welcome Week, your Part-time Officers organised a range of events in collaboration with our liberation communities (Warwick Anti-Racism Society, Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, Warwick Pride, Warwick Friends of Palestine and Warwick Enable). 

On Tuesday 29th September 2020, we had our first event - ‘Introduction into Activism’. This event provided Warwick students a brief history of activism at Warwick and Warwick recent histories. What I truly loved about this event was that it demonstrated how active and “at the forefront” our liberation societies have been for years. This event and the discussions served as a reminder of how much these societies have done and are doing to ensure the safety of our campus. It was truly beautiful to hear everyone recall various protests, occupations and campaigns. 

On Wednesday 30th September 2020, we had our ‘Introduction to Societies Representing Marginalised & Minority Communities’ which served as our formal introduction to all our liberation societies on campus. Warwick has many societies on campus, including liberation societies, so we provided a freshers’ fair for liberation societies, giving these societies the platform to showcase their work and campaigns. The event also served as a way of equipping our freshers with hints and tricks to navigate university life. 

Unfortunately, our plans for a picnic were cancelled due to the new governmental restrictions and guidelines. 

On Thursday, I had the pleasure to speak on the ‘female development programme’ about my experiences with confidence, assertiveness and navigating imposter syndrome. The event consisted of a lovely community of Warwick women from all ages and walks of life. I cannot wait to be involved in the sprint programme later this year. 

On Thursday evening, all your SU officers had their Meet and Greet event which served as an opportunity to speak to us about our plans and aims for the year. 

In addition to this, I was fortunate to attend many other events held by our liberation societies, such as Warwick Anti-Sexism’s Netflix Party screening of Ex-Machina & Warwick Anti-Racism Society’s Radical Reading club (a very insightful and informative book club organised by Rachel and Kima (one half of our Ethnic Minorities' Officer and another half of our Environment and Ethics Officer). 

I loved each and every event from this week - they all cemented why I ran to be the Women’s Officer, and why I made the decision to remain in liberation spaces. It was definitely unusual to socialise and meet new people online, but the community feeling still remained and I loved how the safe spaces were still maintained. 

I cannot wait to collaborate with more societies and the rest of our officer team in the coming year.