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Tiana Holgate

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

Student Welfare update

In what is obviously a worrying and uncertain time, it’s more important than ever that everyone takes active steps to look after their wellbeing. This is just a quick update to let you know that the SU is still here for you if you need us, as well as to give you a few tips on how to stay in good physical and mental shape during the coming weeks!

First up, the other Sabbatical Officers and I are still working, so please do get in touch - we are currently working from home, but are always here to help! You can contact us via email or through our Facebook accounts if there’s anything you need.

The SU’s Advice Centre is also fully functioning - our wonderful welfare advisers are set up virtually, and we urge you to use this service for any concerns you may have regarding housing or other issues. Please follow this link to their enquiry form to get in touch with them:

Staying well mentally and physically is also extremely important, despite our current lack of conventional methods for doing so! Here are just a few ideas of things you can do during this period of social distancing:

  • Follow @teamwarwicksport on Instagram for some fun ways to stay active from Charlotte and our sports clubs!
  • Loneliness can be tough to manage, so it’s important that we try to stay connected as much as possible – join our Corona Community Facebook Group to chat with other members of the Warwick community! We have virtual events coming up such as quizzes, workout videos, interactive challenges and more, while clubs and societies will also be getting in on the action by hosting their own online events.
  • Be sure to utilise some fab 21st Century methods of fun such as Netflix Party or communal online gaming!
  • You can still engage with all our campaigns virtually including our new Body Positivity campaign.
  • Try to maintain a healthy balance whilst doing your work from home - building a routine can be difficult, but please take a look at these guides which have some tips on how to do this:

    Student Minds guide
    Times Higher Education guide
    Mental Health First Aid guide

Finally, this can be an anxiety-inducing time for a variety of reasons - if you need support in this area, please contact the University’s Wellbeing Services team, as they are also set up to support you virtually.

I’ll be back with an update on more of what I’ve been working on in the welfare-world very soon. Stay well and stay safe!

Tiana x