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Milly Last

Democracy & Development Officer

Last chance to nominate yourself in the Spring Elections!

At the time of writing, there’s just under 24 hours left to put yourself forward for a position in the upcoming Spring Elections here at the SU!

This is your chance to really Make Your Mark (#onbrand) here at Warwick – if you’ve ever had ideas that you think would help improve the student experience at either the SU or the University, now’s your chance to try and put these into action! Alternatively, if you have a friend who you think would make a great Student Officer or representative, give them a nudge in the direction of the nominations page.

We’re particularly keen to hear from students who may be interested in the roles of Postgraduate Officer, Sports Officer, Education Officer, Societies Officer (all full-time, paid positions with a one-year term in office), LGBTUA+ Officer and Faculty Reps (part-time roles) – find out more about each of these below and don’t forget to nominate yourselves online HERE before the deadline of Noon tomorrow (Tuesday 11th February).

Good luck!


Postgraduate Officer (full-time position) - You will ensure that Postgraduates have the best possible student experience, leading on postgraduate academic issues and working closely with the Education Officer to ensure a consistent approach to representation across the institution to widen access and participation for all students. You will regularly liaise with Course Reps and Faculty Reps. You will also lead on the social and general student experience of Postgraduates and help deliver great events and activities. Find out more from our current Postgraduate Officer, Alice Churm, here.

Education Officer (full-time position) - You will work to give students the best possible education experience and represent all students’ academic interests, including underrepresented student groups such as postgraduates, international students, part-time students, mature students, medical students, students of non-campus based courses (e.g. degree apprentices and 2+2 students), and championing the rights and interests of marginalised student communities e.g. BME students, LGBTUA+ students, disabled students. You will sit on the highest education board at the University (Senate) and liaise directly with the University Executive.

Societies Officer (full-time position) – You will support and guide 250+ societies and their executive committee members, ensuring they and their membership have the right support and guidance. You will be responsible for helping to promote society events, organising and promoting Societies Fair, and ensuring they are recognised by carrying out your own projects/campaigns. You will be the first point of contact to resolve contentious issues for society exec members. Find out more from current Societies Officer, Luke Mepham, here.

Sports Officer (full-time position) – You will be the public face of student sport on campus, ensuring that students at Warwick are continually inspired to get active and be involved with sports clubs, and show how sports can have a transformative role in university life to provide an inclusive, diverse and vibrant University environment. You will proactively engage with all student clubs and promote Sports Day, Varsity and Sports Ball, amongst other key events throughout the year. Along with the Societies Officer, you will make political decisions and long-term strategy concerning student development and promote these opportunities and activities when they appear. Find out more from current Sports Officer, Charlotte Lloyd, here.

LGBTUA+ Officer (part-time position) – You will be representing all self-defining LGBTUA+ students at Warwick University and ensure that the SU addresses the needs of LGBTUA+ students and raises awareness of the issues they face amongst the University community, lobbying for change. You will plan awareness events (including as part of Pride Week) and campaign against the oppression of LGBTUA+ students in all its forms. You will sit on the SU Liberation and Diversity Exec and be a full voting member of Student Council.

Faculty Rep (part-time position) – You will ensure that your academic interests are heard in your Faculty (Faculty Boards & Faculty Education Committee), University (SLEEC) and within your Union’s democratic structure. You will attend faculty meetings with the University and sit on faculty execs within the Students' Union, as well as Academic Council. You will be essential in ensuring that the student voice is heard at all levels of the University, working with your Student Officer team and the Course Reps in their faculty.