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Akosua Sefah

Democracy & Development Officer

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Alice Churm

Postgraduate Officer

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Charlotte Lloyd

Sports Officer

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Izzy Bourne

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Luke Mepham


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Megan Clarke

Education Officer

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Part-time Officers

Amara Okoye

Womens' Officer

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Trans Students' Officer

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Eseosa Akojie & Kimia Talebi

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Isabelle Atkins

Disabled Students' Officer

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Nazifa Zaman & Rachel Annor-Agyei

Ethnic Minorities Officer

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Tam-Lin Moonstone

LGBTUA+ Officer

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Milly Last

Democracy & Development Officer

Why you should stand as a candidate in the Autumn Elections!

It's your last chance to nominate yourself for an exec position in our Autumn Elections, so if you're still on the fence about standing then here's 5 reasons you absolutely should! Find more info about each of our execs and nominate yourself at before 1pm this Friday (11th October).

1. The chance to shape your University and the Students' Union

If elected, you'll be in a great position to affect the change you want to see at our university and within the Students' Union. Having set your own priorities in your manifesto, you will be mandated to work with your team to make changes that you care about. For example, our Postgrad Exec have worked with the University to improve the overall Postgrad welcome experience, while I passed a motion last year for the SU to lobby the University to provide food waste bins on campus - a conversation that is now being had amongst some of the highest ranking University staff. These positions really do give you a unique opportunity to have an impact in areas of student life you're passionate about!

2. Self-development

Taking on an exec role gives you a great opportunity to gain useful transferable skills that will benefit you in both life and work. You'll be able to practise your team-building, communication and creative skills (amongst others) as you perform the operational duties of your role, as well as lead on campaigns and projects, developing your overall skillset and your confidence in your own abilities.

3. You can become more employable!

While our elections are obviously not designed to merely boost employability, you'll be able to practise a range of highly desirable skills, such as sitting on (and even chairing) committee meetings, writing policies and analysing funding bids. Even standing for the position in the first place is a great chance to work on your campaign skills! There are few other opportunities available to students during term-time that offer this level of professional experience, and with university attendance at an all-time high (meaning that just having a degree is no longer enough for some employers), extracurricular activities like these can be invaluable.

4. It's super quick and easy!

Nominating yourself is really easy - just head to, take a look at the positions available and decide which suits you and your interests best. All you need to do then is upload a short manifesto outlining your ideas for change, as well as some of the reasons you'd be good for the job - simple!

It's also worth mentioning that, should you be elected, we understand your course must always take priority, so we will always work to fit your duties around your academic studies (particularly around exam seasons) - so don't worry about losing hours of your time, because we completely understand this!

5. Anyone can apply!

There's no set person specification; our students are simply looking for enthusiastic individuals who they believe will make a difference. Once elected, you will get all the training, support and information needed to do the job, so there's also no expectation to have any prior knowledge about either the University or your Students' Union - just a desire to make change.

So, what are you waiting for?! Head to before 1pm this Friday and Make Your Mark on the student experience here at Warwick!