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Student Officers

Alice Churm

Postgraduate Officer

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Last post 22 Oct 2019
Ben Newsham


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Last post 11 Oct 2019
Charlotte Lloyd

Sports Officer

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Last post 16 Sep 2019
Chloe Batten

Education Officer

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Luke Mepham

Societies Officer

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Milly Last

Democracy & Development Officer

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Last post 06 Nov 2019
Tiana Holgate

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Last post 26 Nov 2019

Part-time Officers

Alexandru Fugariu

Part-time & Mature Students' Officer

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Connie Gordon

LGBTUA+ Officer

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Last post 19 Sep 2018
Nathan Parsons

Disabled Students' Officer

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Last post 29 Sep 2016
Last comment 08 Mar 2014

Trans Students' Officer.

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Last post 13 Nov 2018
Rebecca Brown

 Ethics & Environment Officers

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Taj Ali

Ethnic Minorities Officer

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Talip Yaldaz

International Students' Officer EU

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Zishi Zhang

International Students' Officer NON-EU

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Milly Last

Democracy & Development Officer

Wed 06 Nov 2019

Why it’s absolutely imperative that you REGISTER TO VOTE!

It takes less than 5 minutes to register to vote online, but the effects could last a lifetime! It&rsquo...
Tue 05 Nov 2019

Greater variety of vegan lunch options now available on campus!

As part of my mission to be the most self-serving Student Officer the SU has ever seen, one of...
Wed 16 Oct 2019

Autumn Elections 2019: why you should vote!

As you may well have gathered from the barrage of digital pollution on Facebook, voting is now open for a...
Tue 08 Oct 2019

Why you should stand as a candidate in the Autumn Elections!

It's your last chance to nominate yourself for an exec position in our Autumn Elections, so if you...