Student Officers

Balraj Dhingra

Balraj is the Sport Officer

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Ben Newsham

Ben is the Democracy & Development Officer

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Ellie King

Ellie is the Postgraduate Officer

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Jemma Ansell

Jemma is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Larissa Kennedy

Larissa is the Education Officer

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Leo Palma

Leo is the Societies Officer

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Liam Jackson

Liam is the President.

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Part-time Officers

Alex Lythall

Alex is the Trans Officer.

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Anne-Marie Matthews

Anne-Marie is the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer.

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Emma Coleman

Emma is the Women's Officer.

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Josh Johnson

Josh is the LGBTUA+ Officer.

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Keir Lawson

Keir Lawson is the Ethics & Environment Officers.

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Maatin Adewunmi

Maatin is the Ethnic Minorities Officer.

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Melissa P. Martin

Melissa is the Disabled Students' Officer.

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Michael Kynaston

Michael is the Democracy & Development Officer.

Spring Elections: why it's so important that you cast your vote this week!

From the abundance of cardboard signs plastered all over campus to the constant entreaties to secure your vote, it’s easy to get cynical about the SU Elections whenever they roll around. In fact, having even been there myself once upon a time, I reckon I already know what you’re thinking…

“I’m not going to bother voting – it doesn’t make a difference.”

Yes, it does!

Here are just a few of the major developments on campus over the last few years which simply would not have happened without the efforts of SU Officers both past and present:

* The opening of a 24-Hour Library
* The initiation of a Welcome Week free from academic commitments
* Halting a tuition fee rise for current students
* Securing replacement bus passes from Stagecoach
* The creation of a Warwick Fringe Festival
* Reform of the pathways for Hate Crime and sexual violence reporting
* The opening of postgraduate social facilities
* Securing rent freezes in campus accommodation.

In the past, some races have been won by only a handful of votes. The more students who vote, the greater the mandate for change – and the greater our chances are of really making a difference to the lives of students at Warwick.

“Yeah – I hear you, Michael, but still… this doesn’t really affect me.”

Yes, it really does.

If you’ve ever joined a Sports Club or Society – or if you haven’t, for whatever reason! – these elections affect you. Clubs and Socs are the social centre of university life here at Warwick, and are directly overseen by the people you elect as Societies and Sports Officers.

If you’ve ever eaten at one of our food outlets, enjoyed a drink in one of our bars or had a night out in The Copper Rooms, these elections affect you. The services the SU provide help to make your time at university that bit more enjoyable by keeping you fed, watered and entertained – and they’re all overseen by your choice of Democracy & Development Officer.

If you pay fees or have ever had an issue with your course, these elections affect you. The Education Officer looks after the 400+ Course Reps who help to raise your concerns with the University, and coordinates the SU’s response to national changes in Higher Education policy.

If you’ve ever needed help or advice with any aspect of student life, these elections affect you. The Welfare & Campaigns Officer works closely with the SU Advice Centre team to ensure that we are always here for you when you need us. If you’ve never had to seek help from us before, chances are you know someone who has.

If you’re a postgraduate student, these elections affect you. From teaching conditions to social events, the Postgraduate Officer works tirelessly to make sure that both the SU and the University at large remain welcoming and hospitable environments for PG students all year round.

If you’ve ever wanted to change something and struggled to make yourself heard, these elections affect you. The President and Part-Time Officers are the voice of both the student body as a whole and our various liberation groups on campus, and fight to uphold your rights at a local and national level.

In short: if you pay fees, live in student accommodation or care about your time here – basically, if you’re just a student at Warwick who breathes air! - THESE ELECTIONS AFFECT YOU. The decisions that are made at Officer-level can help shape the student experience on campus for months, years and even decades to come. Whether you are already heavily involved with the SU or barely use our services, we are always here for when you do – and the direction we take as an organisation is informed by the people who YOU put in charge.

Whether you know it or not, Sabbatical and Part-Time Officers are fighting your corner, day in, day out. You owe it to yourself, your coursemates, your housemates, your tutors and your fellow students to vote for people who are on their side when it comes to speaking out against the University, local authorities and even the Government.

Vote for the candidates who you most want to represent the student body both locally and nationally. We cannot be a part of the conversation if we do not raise our voice to speak up.

Vote for the people who best represent the values of the SU, or who you feel best embody the ideals of the student body at large.


Polls open at 9am on Wednesday 28th February and close at 7pm on Friday 2nd March. Read the candidate manifestos and vote online by logging in at