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Democracy and Development Officer


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Sports Officer

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Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Luke Mepham


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Education Officer

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Postgraduate Officer

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Womens' Officer

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Trans Students' Officer

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Ethics & Environment Officer

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Part-Time & Mature Students Officer

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Disabled Students' Officer

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Ethnic Minorities Officer

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International Students' Officer (Non-EU)

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Tam-Lin Moonstone

LGBTUA+ Officer

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Luke Mepham


Why you should run for Societies Officer in the Spring Elections!

Being part of the Student Officer team really is a rollercoaster of an experience, but one which will allow you to make real change happen! As Societies Officer, you oversee the 200+ student-run societies here at the SU, making sure they're properly run, supported and constantly developing. Lots of time is spent dealing with specific societies' queries, helping them sort out logistics for events or working with them on some more ambitious projects. Because of the massive range and variety of societies at Warwick, this means meeting loads of great people with a whole bunch of innovative and exciting new ideas that you can help bring to life. You'll also spend time making sure the entire societies system runs smoothly – whether this is working with the Student Activities Team to simplify event planning or implementing a whole new scheme such as SocsMark, you really can make changes that will benefit thousands of students.  

While a great deal of your time is free for you to work on projects that interest you and work towards fulfilling your manifesto points, you will also sit on several University and SU committees – although as Societies Officer you have the least committees of all of the full-time officers, so that's definitely a bonus if you're good at getting stuck into your work and planning out your time! The most rewarding of these committees is sitting on the Student Support Fund panel. At these meetings, societies come to bid for funds to support an event or campaign they're running. It's one of the best opportunities to find out about some of the exciting things societies are planning, and gives you the chance to support, advise and (hopefully!) fund these activities.  

Alongside the focus on societies, you'll also have general oversight over the running of the whole SU with the rest of the Officer team. All seven Full-Time Officers are also Trustees of the SU, which means you are responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, as well as the finances and making important top-level decisions. Don't let that put you off if it sounds daunting, though – you'll always have the expert advice of the staff team and the Finance department to help you out! 

The skills you'll learn as an officer are difficult to summarise without just writing a massive list. Throughout the year, you develop personally in many, many ways and the role really is unlike any other job out there – I still find it very difficult explaining my job to my family, who haven't been to uni! Being part of a small and very close-knit team means you learn to work together and utilise your strengths, while also forming some great friendships in a very short space of time. 

If you'd like any information about the role, fancy a chat about what I do, or are simply unsure as to whether or not you should run (you should!), then please feel free to drop me an email via or pop into our office at the back end of SUHQ!