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Top 10 Student Officer priorities for 2018-19

The Student Officer team recently finalised its list of Top 10 priorities for the coming academic year.

In no particular order, these are as follows…

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Working towards ‘Warwick Wednesdays’

We believe that all students should have Wednesday afternoons free in their academic timetables, to give them time for personal enrichment outside their degree – whether that’s for sport or society activities, to take up volunteering opportunities or simply to recharge.

Closing the Black Attainment Gap

While 35.5% of white students achieved a first class degree in 2016, only 20.3% of their BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) counterparts obtained the same classification. We want the University to look at the Black Attainment Gap holistically, by addressing the structural barriers that create and uphold this level of inequality. To do this, we’ll be actively listening to and reporting on the experiences of students of colour, so that we take an authentic approach to decolonising our university in order to close the attainment gap.

Enabling all students to Make Their Mark

Warwick SU represents over 25,000 students, and we want them all to have the opportunity to shape their experience at Warwick. We will therefore be working on increasing engagement with the Students’ Union, with a particular focus on underrepresented communities. We want them to know how their Student Officers, and the SU in general, can help and empower them to make their mark on whatever it is that matters to them - and to actively encourage more of them to vote and run for election.

Fighting for International Students’ Rights

The current Higher Education landscape is particularly difficult for international students. There has been a rise in hate crime, there is uncertainty over fees and the potential impact of Brexit, and there are disparities in the services available to international and home students. We are committed to fighting for better welfare provision, continuing the #FixTheFees campaign, and promoting equality of access to services like the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). We also want to amplify international students’ voices in addressing the barriers that they face during their time at Warwick.

Easing access and improving the quality of Mental Health & Wellbeing Services

We will work towards the simplification of the various wellbeing and mental health services available to students, so that they are more accessible and easy to navigate.

Reshaping Sport

This year, we will build upon the success of the SU’s award-winning Reshaping Sport campaign. The success of the campaign last year was predominantly due to the commitment shown by our Sports Clubs to drive it forwards. This year, we will provide more support to clubs in running their #ReshapingSport events, promoting everything from Kicking LGBTUA+phobia Out of Sport to expanding Reshaping Sport to creating a disabled sports service at the University.

Getting a Better Bus Service

From overcrowding to extortionate and ever-increasing prices, we know that the service we currently have just isn’t good enough, so we’ll continue to push for better provision and better quality buses for students.

Better enabling students to transform their education

Warwick SU’s Team Education supports almost 800 academic representatives, including Course Reps, Faculty Reps, members of the Education Exec, plus the Education and Postgraduate Officers. Whether these representatives want to liberate the curriculum, cut course costs or tackle any other issues they care about, we want to empower students to transform their education - through both academic representation and by creating other opportunities for students to engage.

Making Warwick a more comfortable campus

One of Warwick SU’s priorities is to ensure that there are ample facilities to create a comfortable environment where students can learn, live and work. We want to increase the amount of available study space; get nap pods and other spaces to relax on campus; and finally, to hold the University to account on their promise that growth does not mean compromising on quality.

Representing students in the community

Warwick SU works hard to represent students’ rights in the surrounding communities, and to ensure that students have a voice in what happens in the areas we live, work, volunteer and relax in. We want to continuing building connections with local organisations and community groups in the local area so that we are best placed to support you.

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In addition to these Top 10 priorities, underpinning everything that we do is the fact that we will be constantly working on tackling racism, sexual violence, misogyny, LGBTUA+phobia and hate crime to make our community as safe, accessible and welcoming as it can be for all students.

We look forward to working with you to make this happen!