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Study Space - Term 3 developments

Term 3 is now upon us - which, for many students, sadly brings the additional daily stress of hunting for a revision or study space around campus.

In my previous blog post on Study Space, I outlined the conversations that have been taking place behind the scenes here at Warwick during the past year. As well as feeding into the various audits and long-term proposals for improvements in this area, I’m pleased to announce that the SU has been working with the University to secure the following interim measures for Term 3:

A new Study Space Availability Checker is up and running on the Library’s website, which can be found at Although obviously not as detailed as we’d ideally like in terms of flagging up individual workstations (we’re still working on that!), this should give students a better idea of the current levels of traffic within the Library and its associated Learning Grids. This will be updated regularly by the Library team throughout the term, and will hopefully reduce what I know can be the often infuriating process of having to travel from one location to another without knowing whether you’re even likely to find a space.

The University have also made a series of Centrally Timetabled rooms available for quiet study, either in groups or individually. There are 230 spaces in total, but these will be available at different times throughout the term.  You can find out more here:


* LIB1 will be available for 24 hours a day throughout Term 3, with the exception of Week 3 (w/c 7th May) when it’s being used for exams.

* For University House Learning Grid bookings, please see this link.

* For Leamington Learning Grid bookings, please see this link.

* For Rootes Learning Grid bookings, please sign in at this page to book one of the two study rooms for group and presentation work. Please note though that these aren’t available for individual study!

Finally, don’t forget that the SU also has a dedicated student study space available to use during regular SUHQ opening hours (usually the same as Xananas opening times)! You can find it on Floor 1, on the left-hand side opposite the meeting rooms just past Reception.

On behalf of the entire Officer team, we wish you all the very best for Term 3 – please make sure you look after yourselves by eating well, getting a decent night’s sleep and taking regular breaks. If there’s any way that we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You can find out more about the SU’s Study Space campaign HERE.

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